Product Review: Andrew Barton Attempts to ‘S.O.S. HELP ME!’

Soft, silky and easy to style hair is the promise made by Andrew Barton in his range of ‘S.O.S. HELP ME!’. The extensive collection consists of a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, dry shampoo, a twice-a-week hair mask, a conditioner sachet and even a hair brush. Each product is priced at £3 with the exception of the £9 hairbrush. With its prominent red packaging and the promise of repairing even the most damaged hair both Barton’s declarations and image are bold.

The smell reminds me instantly of butterscotch flavoured ‘Angel Delight’ and with an undeniably sweet tooth this was a major attraction to the product. Although quite potent in the packaging, the residual aroma left in my hair is far more subtle and possibly more appealing to those of you less inclined towards the dessert-based scent.

Naturally, it is recommended to use as many elements of the range as possible but for me the two most appropriate were the shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Having prolifically bleached my hair over the last couple of years Barton had a serious job on his hands. The leave-in nature of the conditioner came with a risk of making hair slightly greasy or quick to become greasy; previous experience with such products was a disaster so hopes were not high for this one either. Yet I was pleasantly surprised. Using a combination of Shea Butter, vitamin B5 and Brazil nut oil ‘to target brittleness and split ends’, the shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling healthier and with natural volume; most shockingly it began to wave slightly rather than hang limp around my face.

Despite my hair feeling and looking much healthier, the claim that split ends have been miraculously repaired is possibly a little far-fetched. It is often made clear that nothing can truly ‘cure’ split ends aside from a good haircut but with that in mind, Barton has provided a collection that improves the appearance of said hair dilemma greatly.

With the cynical approach regarding their split end repair skills aside, ‘S.O.S. HELP ME!’ shampoo and conditioner are not only nourishing but reasonably priced and long lasting. After constant use, my over abused hair is now in far better condition, smells great as well as being much easier to manage. The only improvement would be provision of a heat protector to which you are advised to use on the back of the packaging.

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