We All Need a Little Helping Hand Sometimes

We all get a little down sometimes. Like when that essay was just one per cent away from a pass or when you break up with the person you thought you would be with forever. For most people, a heart to heart with their best friend or a good night out is enough to help them through these things and continue to live their life. However, for some it is not that easy.

Depression is something which is very rarely talked about amongst the youth of today. What would we have to be depressed about? Some may say. We live in a society which allows us to explore any avenue we wish and the possibilities are endless for what we can achieve. However, according to a Princes Trust survey, one in 10 young people cannot cope with daily life.

The annual Youth Index report which surveyed 2,136 young people aged between 16 – 25 found 27% of those in work, education or training reported feeling down or depressed often or always with this number rising to 48% amongst the unemployed. Recently a whole host of young celebrities from Frankie Sanford, Dougie Poynter and Keisha Buchanan have all admitted to suffering from depression at one point.

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