There Is No Stopping Rihanna : Unapologetic Album Review

The one thing this album is certainly not short of is club tracks, as they unfurl throughout the playlist with crashing percussion, showing the Bajan beauty’s playful side. However, the song that trumps these tunes is track five.  ‘Loveeeeeee Song’ is a nonchalant, easy listen that kind of acts as a tease to the audience as she never really commits herself fully to the song. She simply comes across as content and the lyrics appear effortless as they roll off of her tongue. Skip to this song for a mellow feel.

A theme that is consistent throughout this album, as is with all of Rihanna’s albums is attitude. Her lyrics never submit to an image of vulnerability which I love. Unfortunately, I’d be here for a while if I reviewed every song so I will skip to those I feel deserve it. Track 10 the highly anticipated ‘Nobody’s business’ that features Ex/On/Off partner Chris Brown, is incredibly catchy. The funky, almost soulful music hypnotizes you as you forget their motives for the track. Obviously it is incredibly difficult to forget the previous volatile relationship that Rihanna held with Chris Brown, so it is quite hard to enjoy this track if your opinion intrudes. I try and experience the music for it’s sounds rather than it’s messages at times, so I have to encourage myself to detach myself from the message sometimes – especially in this case. Skip to this song for the best ‘sing-along’ track.

The final track of Rihanna’s album ‘Lost in Paradise’, acts as a closure for the journey the listener has been taken on. Interestingly the message we are left with leads us to think that she is trying to admit that she is only human and is learning from her mistakes.  The lyrics ‘How was I to know that my love was delusional?’ , stuck with me severely as it enables me to understand that even someone as secure and fulfilled as Rihanna can feel lost at times and make mistakes that have to be dealt with. The hearty notes have dedication and body intertwined.

Unapologetic has been Rihanna’s best selling album, smashing first week sales and making it to number one on Billboard’s 200. It is easy to see why, but one can’t help but feel that Rihanna is an incredibly damaged soul who doesn’t intend on stopping the rebellion just yet. I definitely recommend a listen whether you are a fan or not.

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