There Is No Stopping Rihanna : Unapologetic Album Review

Those of you who aren’t that well acquainted with me, won’t be aware of my obsession with RnB star Rihanna. I will happily admit that I am an avid fan who loves to listen to her music on a regular basis. When a new album release is fast approaching I will keep up to date through various social networking sites and Instagram posts. One thing I love about Rihanna is her ability to play with fashion in such a fun and carefree manner. Being passionate about style myself, it is probably the first thing I pay attention to admittedly before her music. Her style focuses on vibrant colours and cool cutting shapes which I feel represent the playful fashion era we are experiencing at the moment. An outfit worn by Rihanna never fails to impress in my opinion, as she attempts time and time again to create something innovative and daring. I believe she is starting to reinvent fashion rules, through her own style decisions. Occasionally through mistakes too (let’s face it this is rare). Feminine boundaries are pushed as she enters into androgynous lands and the best thing about it all – she always manages to put on a pair of killer heels.

I understand and respect that various opinions of the RnB star fluctuate significantly – especially during times when her personal life is intensely interrogated by the public eye. However, I don’t want to focus on her decisions that have been highly criticized and judged. Instead, I want to create an album review that is all about the music, because at the end of the day that is what we are interested in, and the sole reason we got to know such a character.

The first track on the Unapologetic album, ‘Phresh out the runway’, screams Rihanna. This song has her attitude written all over it. From the deep bass drums to the lyrics that spill over the edge with her character and demeanor. I wouldn’t say the lyrics are incredibly profound, however the consistency of short, sharp and effective lyrics definitely leave you wanting to evacuate the house to end up somewhere exciting. The track that follows is one of my favourites on the entire album. ‘Diamonds’ completely contrasts with the first party track. It is clear from the beginning that a lot of emotional energy has been poured into the lyrics and sound of this song. Rihanna allows us to see the more religious and spiritual side of her in this song. For instance she mentions her palms rising to the universe which is understood to have religious connotations. Furthermore, as the tension and affection grow as the music progresses, she refers to a partner who she clearly is deeply in love with – love is strong theme throughout the song.

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