Conquer the Cold in Style

Not into tights or dresses? Relax, tip four is probably more you. Black and charcoal trousers, (especially those folded up at the bottom) are in this winter! Who could turn that opportunity down? It doesn’t come along often, so live it up while you can!

Tip five is short and sweet – the colour red is smouldering whatever the season. Simple as. In winter, it even brings a Christmas element to your look. Anything red that you own, work it into your outfit – you’ll thank me later!

Winter fashion, to many women, means becoming overwhelmed by fur and sequins. Sigh. Ladies, tip six is that unfortunately it’s time to hang them back up and take a break. However, try working them in under a snugly cardigan or other layers. Understated yet bold is the way forward.

Go through your wardrobe with these wintery tips in mind and count the number of new combinations of clothes you can come up with!

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