Conquer the Cold in Style

Being fashionable in winter is like getting an A* in physics – seriously difficult: but possible if you know your stuff. Despite the matted, frizz-ball hair, sore lips and runny nose, you can still pull off your cute, feminine look by keeping a few simple wardrobe tips at the back of your mind when getting dressed each morning (or afternoon if the cosiness of your bed got the better of you! Happens to the best of us…).

Tip number one for you to remember is that you can still wear your favourite summer clothes. All you have to do is add to it. Wrap on a scarf and a brightly knitted cardigan to completely customise your seasonal look. Over your tights, wear your woolly socks that you secretly snuggle up in as soon as you get home and slip on your comfiest pair of boots. It may feel tighter than usual, but your toes will appreciate it. No more painful yet numb toes and wondering whether one of your toes has snapped of in your shoe from frostbite while you’re out.

Tip number two: woolly tights. Oh yes. These little beauties come in plain colours, stylish patterns and hideously Christmassy patterns. You’ll only get the chance to treat your legs with love and affection at this time of year, so give them all the TLC you can whilst it’s fashionable. Just don’t convince yourself that neon orange tights are a good idea. Even in Essex it’s a bad look.

Do your legs ever burn and itch from walking outside in the cold? You’re not alone. This brings us to tip number three. If tights aren’t doing things for you one morning, treat yourself to a day of maximum warmth and comfort. Squeeze on a few pairs of tights under your favourite pair of skinny jeans and compliment it with a girly top. Remember as well, that your daytime summer dresses over skinny jeans can look flattering. Again, wrap your arms up nice and warm in a brightly coloured cardigan for maximum winter comfort.

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