How much information is too much information?

Are you one of those so people who are so private that other people assume you have no life and no friends and reside in a bedsit with 8 cats and an injured pigeon? Or do you tell everyone you meet your bra size, mothers name and sexual escapades?

I’m a little in the middle, comfortably sitting between the two. It all depends on who it is I’m talking to. Only the closest of my friends know my deepest darkest secrets (I haven’t killed anyone, don’t worry) and that’s only because I trust them but I don’t really have any regrets about anything ‘weird’ that I may have done. I just don’t like to introduce myself as Rebecca, 22, I like men with tattoos and I like to count my freckles when I’m bored. How do you do? People know I’m a bit weird, ‘kooky’ outspoken if you will, a little odd and maybe delusional, I wear rose-tinted glasses.

Then there’s the private, quiet, and driven me that nobody ever see’s. We all have two sides of our personality. The side we want everyone to see; professional, successful, happy and social. Then there is the weird immature if not slightly broken and disturbed side that only your friends know and love. Say for instance when I start a new job. I’ll talk to people, have a laugh, a perv, a bit of banter but I’m never ME. With the exception of my current job where I’m proud to have formed the friendships I have, but even then I’m never entirely 100% comfortable and portray an entirely different Rebecca (but that’s a different story altogether). There’s no need for new people to suddenly become your Best Friend Forever. True friendship takes time. My two closest friends know me well enough by now to laugh off things I do (ie: changing jobs every few months).

Is it fair to blame social networks for the information over-load? I always hated people who gossip but I can’t go not one social event without friends talking about so and so being pregnant again or old friends relationships failing and whatnot. We all do it, we aren’t proud of it. Some of us more ruthless and obsessed with dishing the dirt than others. I’m not a nasty person at all and I’m always there when friends need me, however I do enjoy a gossip and I’ve only just realised that. If people feel the need to post their relationship updates on sites such as Facebook they can’t turn around and moan when everybody and their cat knows their business. I deleted my Facebook for this exact reason. Do people you’ve just met really at work or friends from 10 years ago care that your McDonalds job is amazing or that all ‘men are pri*ks omggggg!!!’

To conclude, don’t be so reserved people think you’re a serial killer, try not to glare when people ask you a question. It’s okay to share. Sharing is good, healthy. Just tone it down. Know when to shut up.

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