Five Must Have Albums to Embrace or Beat Those January Blues

Moulettes – The Bear’s Revenge

Colourful, eccentric and incredibly talented, the Moulettes originated in Manchester back in 2005 and are known for their rousing folk songs comprising of pulsing guitars and playful drums. The Bear’s Revenge is at heart a folk album, but has a strong gypsy jazz influence as well as some Florence + The Machine-esque vocals at points. Former member Ted Dwane is currently bass player for folk giants Mumford & Sons and returned to star on the album
Favourite tracks: Sing Unto Me, Country Joy, Songbird


Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough?

Born and raised in London by a Jamaican mother and Greek father, Lianne La Havas’ debut album is an effortless hybrid of alternative folk and true soul. The combination of her husky R&B croon and clever lyrics come together in an album peppered with troubled romance and musical surprises.
Favourite tracks: Don’t Wake Me Up, Au Cinéma, Forget


Keaton Henson – Dear

Keaton Henson is a curious example of a musician. The 23 year old suffers from crippling stage fright meaning he has never performed in public, making him somewhat of hidden treasure. His debut album ‘Dear’ was recorded in his bedroom and draws comparisons to the incredible For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver. Keaton’s songs are intimate, beautiful declarations that do not demand attention but whole-heartedly deserve it. His simple guitar string picking and delicate voice will tug at your heartstrings in a way that only truly great singer-songwriters can.
Favourite tracks: You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are, Sarah Minor, Small Hands


Natalie Duncan – Devil In Me

A BBC reality TV graduate (Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment) Natalie Duncan’s debut album certainly packs a bluesy punch. A heady mix of blues, reggae, soul and jazz, Devil In Me showcases an impressive voice that is reminiscent of Dusty Springfield’s damaged emotion. There is no reason this young talent can’t join the higher echelons of female soul singers the way a certain Amy Winehouse did a few years ago.
Favourite tracks: Devil In Me, Pick Me Up Bar, Uncomfortable Silence


Family of the Year – Loma Vista

It is impossible to listen to this Los Angeles based indie folk five piece without hearing tinges of Fleetwood Mac, Magic Numbers and Beach Boys. Cheery and relentlessly optimistic, the band’s second album is foot tapping, hand clapping, smile inducing selection of male / female harmonies and catchy pop folk confections. If these winter months are too dreary for you, Loma Vista is guaranteed to transport you to sunnier, happier climes.
Favourite tracks: Diversity, Buried, The Stairs

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