Life of a Princess – Is it worthwhile?

During the last few days, I’ve started to think about something I had never thought of before: The life of a Princess.

Just like most people in Europe, I actually like Kate Middleton, I think she is beautiful, classy and above all, a very smart and confident person. I am, though, a little bothered from the enormous amount of details of her private life shared by the media. Everyone is talking about her pregnancy and we all seem to know more about it than she does.

A couple of days ago I was watching the TV: they were actually talking about the length of Kate’s earrings! Ridiculous. A perfect guide as to how to look like the Duchess of Cambridge. But does anyone really want to be like her and live her life?

Then there was a second news story: a scandalous picture of Princess Diana hidden for many years and now brought back to light. The picture shows Diana lying on a friend’s lap. One of the most innocent pictures I’ve ever seen in my life, though on the picture there was a notice, “not to be published”. I find it hard to believe that such a beautiful picture was censored for so many years, almost like it could damage the image of Diana if published.

So I started to ask myself what it’s like to be a Princess. As a little girl I spent most of my time dreaming to be one, to live in a huge castle, wearing these amazing dresses, go to the best parties, and of course marrying my Prince Charming. Now I’m not so sure. Being a princess surely has its ups, but for me there are too many downs: too many rules to respect, too many people judging your clothes, your shoes, your hair and most of all, your life. Far from the fairytale I imagined when I was a child, being a Princess and wearing a tiara is not worth your freedom. As someone once said: a cage it’s always a cage, even if made of gold.

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