Looking for a cool night out? Ice Hockey is the ticket

Are you seeking a new way to chill out, bored of watching the same rubbish telly or was your new year’s resolutions to try something new? If so then skate on down to your local arena and enjoy some ice hockey. A fun and affordable way to spend your weekend that won’t result in the hangover from hell the next morning.

A competitive, fast-paced, contact sport, ice hockey is particularly popular in Canada and parts of the United States however artificial indoor ice rinks have lead to the sport becoming well-received worldwide. Ice hockey has gained much support in the U.K with teams located in Belfast, Edinburgh, Coventry, Cardiff and several other major cities. Rules are easy to follow (well maybe not the outside rule) and the game is simple to understand, hit the puck into the net!

The game consists of three twenty minute periods with the clock running only when the puck is in play. Entertainment is provided during breaks in the form of music, competitions, quizzes and the chance for fans to get their hands on some freebies. Contests also allow fans to compete for large sums of money and win signed jerseys from their favourite players.

Despite being a full contact sport fighting is officially prohibited yet remains a key attraction for fans. During disputes between players the crowd becomes highly animated erupting in cheers of encouragement. The on-set entertainment and thrill of the game merge together to create an explosive atmosphere.

Cost need not be a worry as an average ice hockey ticket has a mere £15 price tag, a fraction of the price one would pay for a ticket to a football match or indeed a round of drinks on a Saturday night out. Students also get a discount of £4, so dig out that uni card (even if your photos dreadful) and book your tickets!

Finally, if like me, the thought of an alcohol-free Saturday night frightens you more than end of year exams then fear not as the thrill and enjoyment of the game can all be washed down with an ice cold beer. Chips, Nachos, popcorn and other deliciously unhealthy snacks are also available from concession.

So this weekend put down that take-away, take off those ridiculously high shoes and book a ticket to see your local ice hockey team.

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