Fashion Monopoly

We’ve all done it, seen something that someone has and your heart stops then flickers while you ask where it’s from; I’ve done it myself when I was younger. Yet I find myself asking what’s happened to originality?

I’m not suggesting we all take up sewing and rifle through charity shops to have the most individual fashion sense possible. I just didn’t know that everyone had to like the same thing, I find it very disappointing, and we might as well encourage a fashion monopoly.

Instagram and other photo sharing sites don’t help matters; this is off topic but the amount of people that take pictures of Yankee candles and lush bath bombs has me at my wits end sometimes. I can’t cope with the hype of things, if you like something get it but buying something because its raved about and you’ll look cool for falling for the hype really infuriates me.

At the moment the thing that’s annoying me is the constant barrage of cattle that want a rose gold watch; Michael Kors and DKNY are the suspects that are encouraging it. Blogs are filled with it, the next ‘IT’ thing that defines your coolness in one flash of your bankcard. I don’t know why it angers me so, it just does…

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