Delavingne power!

Have you ever heard of Miss Cara Delevingne?

Of couse you have! Recently we’ve seen her on the front covers of many fashion magazines, we’ve admired her on the catwalks during London and Milan Fashion Week, we’ve also spotted her at many remarkable events such as the British Fashion Awards.

Not only is she the current face of brands like Burberry and Victoria’s Secret youth brand “Pink” but she’s also got a small role in the 2012 movie adaptation of Lev Tolstoj’s “Anna Karenina” which was a huge success at the box office both in the UK.

Cara’s strong femenine personality and bold attitude has made her “It Girl” of 2012. She’s loved by fashion designers (think of Karl Lagerfeld, head of Chanel who requested her for his latest collection showed for the first time during Paris Fashion Week), by musicians (she’s best pal with R&B singer Rita Ora and “Queen of Rap” Azealia Banks) and firmly supported by fellow-model: Poppy.

Her model career started thanks to Sarah Doukas (CEO of Storm Model Management) who spotted her at school. Cara remembers that day saying: “I had never thought about modelling before but it just happened and it felt great”. The Burberry Porsum shoot was definitely her big break and helped her becoming the model she is today.

Most importantly, she loves her job, the whole routine behind it and the opportuntiny to tour stunning places all around the globe or meeting interesting people. She’s the one you dream of being because she definitely puts passsion in anything she does! Moreover, she’s only 20 years old so you can relate to her. That’s why we consider her a Brit It Girl.

Very few girls had achieved a status like Cara. So, what has Cara got that makes her stand out from the crowd?

You tell me!

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