The King Of Clay Courts Rafael Nadal Is Set To Regain His Title

After a knee injury that has kept him out of action for seven month, Rafael Nadal is ready to embark on his Journey to regain his title as the worlds number one tennis player.

Rafael Nadal will compete in his first Tennis open of the season, The Chile Open, which is on the lowest tier of tournaments on the men’s circuit. Rafael will be going in to the tournament as the number one seed.

Throughout the past seven months he has spent recovering, Nadal has missed out on major competitions including the 2012 Olympics, US Open and the Australian Open. Nadal’s has a recurring knee injury and his physical style of tennis has made him prone to injury. In the past his speedy recovery has allowed him to reach his full potential in time for major tournaments but this is the longest time he has ever been out with an injury.

Known for his intimidating aura, Nadal is going to have to work hard in order to progress through the ranks as Tennis giants Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are playing such great tennis that sometimes not even the great Rodger Federer can keep up.

The Spaniard’s career highlights include a record seven French Opens and he has won singles titles at all four Grand Slam tournaments. During his seven months out from tennis, the major trophies have been won by tennis rivals Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic and they are rapidly becoming the new Nadal-Federer of the Tennis world. Andy Murray won the US Open in September and Novak Djokovic won the Australian open in January of this year.

Nadal’s Grand Slam comeback starts with three low-key events, the Chile Open, Brazil Open and the Mexico Open. This will give him the chance to ease back in to playing tennis whilst playing on the clay surfaces which have given him the fewest knee problems in the past.

Rafael is currently ranked at No 5 in the world rankings but is hoping to return to the main circuit next month and it is thought he will stay on the clay courts until the end of the French Open in June.

Hopefully we will see Rafael Nadal return to the grass courts in time for Wimbledon.

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