What’s with the vintage?

When I first progressed to secondary school I was submerged into a world of fashion labels and make up. Before then I had been quite happy going au naturale coming from a little village primary school in Somerset. I then became obsessed with clothes – this obsession is still there believe me – but at that time it was surf clothes in particular.

Don’t laugh, back in my school days that was the new trend in my circle of friends (yes, the so called ‘popular’ group). I would spend a lot of my parent’s money on board shorts and surf tee’s with the classic Campervan logo on them from Animal, Fat Face and Wave Games.

Then as I progressed through to higher education Topshop, ASOS and River Island became my new best friends. But now it seems there is a continuing fashion revival happening, and it’s been brewing for a while, everything’s gone vintage. Everywhere I go there is now little vintage boutiques popping up, even in the smallest places you’d never thought would go vintage.

So what is it about this revolution that is so damn popular? Could it be that people are now embracing the British past? We’re proud to be British? That came as a bit of a shock! There is something very nostalgic about rifling through the clothes and wondering who could have worn them and where they could have been.

Another factor could be that celebrities are embracing the second hand clothing trend, if a celebrity is doing it then we should be too, right? Alexa Chung and Mikita Oliver are just a couple of British celebs who work the vintage fashion and make it look shall we say…‘super cool and incredibly hipster.’

As I mentioned before I became a fan of ASOS pretty young and they now have a great place for people to sell their own clothes, ASOS marketplace. Only fashionable people allowed, you can visit to get inspired or to buy the looks at smaller prices than if it were new. Yet another little perk of vintage.

The last reason, among a whole host, that plays a major role in people becoming suckers for vintage is the uniqueness of the clothing. Most boutiques will be packed full of one-offs. Most fashionistas – both men and women – want to be unique and want to stand out from the crowd, vintage is a way for them to this and explore their own look.

I love vintage clothing myself, when I was living in Southampton I discovered Hepwright’s, a family owned small store right in the heart of the popular Bedford Place. Even if I didn’t buy anything I would spend hours in there rummaging through anything possible and the owner didn’t care. She was happy to talk about the clothes and the stories behind them, something you don’t get in these high street chains.

Vintage is so old it’s new.

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