Courteeners: ANNA

Indie rock band Courteeners have come out triumphant once again with their new album ANNA. The Manchester born foursome have produced yet another guitar heavy, sometimes beautiful record. Their hardcore super fans will love it and new younger listeners will think they’ve found something ‘cool & alternative.’

Lead singer Liam James Fray, drummer Michael Campbell, guitarist Daniel Craig Moores and bassist Marck Cuppello make up this great band. Knowing each other since they were just ten years old, but only formed after Fray left university to pursue a music career.

The friends all came together after studying at various universities and through word of mouth became popular very quickly. They count Manchester Roadhouse as their first gig in October of 2006. Not too shabby! After releasing tracks with Loog Records they were approached by producer Stephen Street who brought The Smiths, Blur and Morrissey to fame through the Polydor label.

Albums were released, festival performances were becoming the norm and the comparisons to Oasis and Kasabian was obvious. Two albums later and a tonne of EP’s the northern four are back with ANNA, a fusion of disco-rock and alternative throngs with the odd sentiment thrown in.

The first single released from the album Lose Control starts with a low hum then the sudden outburst of guitar and drum comes and deep vocals from Fray making it a token Courteeners track. Are you in love with a notion kicks the whole album off, it’s a seemingly quieter, deeper sound from the band.

Lyrics Have you really thought this through/ is he really the one for you? and a catchy chorus make it a great start to the third record. It does seem to lose its way towards the end but Courteener fans will still listen right up to the last note and the whole thing makes a change to the old football anthem tunes the band have become known for.

Skip to tracks Van Der Graaff for a ‘festival’ rock moment and When you want something you can’t have for something a little more touching and emotional. The album ANNA is out now.

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