Goodbye Monobrow, I’m ready for my close up.

We’ve all heard of HDTV which is the acronym for High-Definition television. HD has 1 to 2 million pixels per frame, which is nearly five times the amount of pixels as that of  Standard Definition meaning that now, when it comes to close ups, every imperfection is visible including those random stray eyebrows and the dreaded mono brow but with the invention of the HD and 3D brow treatments which many celebs are turning those embarrassing brows can be a thing of the past

The new must have high-precision celebrity treatments are hot news and can transform any eyebrow from the bushy neglected to the over plucked into the perfect shape, enhancing your facial features so no wonder its fast becoming an essential part of many women’s beauty regime. I went along to Nails Rock Beauty salon within Essence Hair Design Salon on Carlton Hill in Nottingham to discover what all the fuss is about.

The procedures usually follow the next steps.

Firstly my therapist Schannelle, owner/manager of Nails Rock, assessed my face shape, skin tone and hair colouring to advise which is the perfect shape for me. I’m a blonde who likes to make a statement but the full on power brow isn’t for everyone so the 3D/HD brow treatment can be tailored to your needs with the therapist  using a lighter tint to suit paler complexions and hair colouring  meaning you can still have the high definition look but with a more delicate finish.

After years of plucking my brows may need a few courses of 3D/HD to nurture and achieve the best result but once achieved, with brows being the focal point of your face, the end result can instantly lift your face and highlight your cheek bones

Next Schannelle mixes a tint according to my present colouring and desired result, she then tints of all brow hairs including the stray ones around the brow so that she has the maximum to work with to get the best shape for me. The tint she uses is a high pigment tint which will give a longer lasting result than a traditional tint.

Next she waxes both above and below the brows and under my arches to achieve the 3D/HD shape to suit me best.  Threading may be used on those people for whom waxing is unsuitable. Schannelle then uses tweezers for precision to perfectly fine tune the shape, any longer hairs are trimmed so that all of the brow hairs lie perfectly in the newly defined shape.  Mineral make up and a brow beater may then be applied to set your fab new brows in place. It can be a little daunting with all this going on as you can’t see whats happening but thankfully Schannelle offered me a mirror throughout the procedure to ensure I was happy


So what makes 3D/HD better than other methods? Schannelle explains ‘We do 3D brows, which are more or less the same than HD but we use different products to achieve the same results. Hence why it is cheaper. 3D/HD brows are a better treatment because it is 3 In 1. It gives you a reshape, a  colour tint and is finished off with mineral makeup eyebrow coverage to make the brows look more defined. This also covers scar tissue and any parts of the brow that has sparse hair’

With strong defined eyebrows recently spotted on the catwalk and sported by the likes of Kim Kardashian the hot new look seems set to last.

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