Why can’t love be a Disney fairy tale?

Firstly let me start by saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to you all.

As Valentine’s day approaches it’s a time when some women may get depressed or down that they are single. It got me thinking could the reason be that girls expect a fantasy fairy tale Disney relationship?

When you’re a young little girl, playing with your Barbie and Ken planning their wedding, you start to wonder how your wedding, future husband and relationship will end up. And then you watch magical films you’ll ever see on the television, a bright dazzling, firework shooting, full of colour Disney film and come on, admit it, chances are you are taken in by the enchanted heart pulling story lines of how a wicked step mum with green eyes and a phony evil laugh is so horrible but it was okay because in the end you just know at any minute a prince would come and save the young girl, and how a girl meets her dreamy prince charming, having dreamt of him her whole life in her fairy dust imagination and, as if by magic, the same guy she was dreaming about comes horse riding into her life.

At different stages of our young life you most definitely based those fairy tale stories on how you want to meet your boyfriend, who will turn into your prince charming and live happily ever after, with a perfect polished finished ending. Who wouldn’t want that falling head over heels in love, I wouldn’t say no. Surely I’m not alone in this thinking?

The only thing is, these films are only designed to entertain and keep the little one quiet, but the fantasies do give deceived girls crushed unrealistic dreams. Not meaning to make light to those people who have had relationships like the Disney ones, but not all have.

Then we get older and start to realise that if we go out raving, we are not automatically going to dance with a young guy and fall in love instantly, lose your eight inch high heel at a local nightclub, and wake up in the morning to that guy on the dance floor knocking at your door with your missing high heel asking you to move into his castle.

No it just isn’t real! So if you have a boyfriend or meet a guy. Whilst you can have your ‘fairy tale love bubble’ (as mum puts it) try not to have high expectations that he is totally oblivious to and may not match up to. You just might find that you have a dance and fall in love, he has pearl white teeth brighter than the moon, he may even have a lovely singing voice and when he sings the birds and all kind of creatures come out of the forest to hear him. But most importantly enjoy the real him. Remember he doesn’t have to be nothing but himself as I’d like to think, he would just expect the same from you.

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