YouTube: Unsigned! Entry No.2 Featuring Eyeshine

As promised, here is the next instalment of the YouTube unsigned artist feature. Let’s head back to Los Angeles, specifically a place called West Hills. This week I am reviewing a band that goes by the name of Eyeshine. Let me tell you now, that this article will be very biased as I am a HUGE fan! If you go away after reading this article, and take a listen- prepare to be blown away…

Eyeshine describe their genre as “Edge Rock”, and you can’t quite describe or even compare them to any other band; except maybe for “Jimmy Eat World.” Who to be honest sound slightly similar, but just don’t cut it! Eyeshine’s sound is unique and indescribable, which is why you MUST listen to them. Not everyone likes a variety of genres, and may only listen to one type of music, but I guarantee that everyone will find at least one song of Eyeshine’s that they enjoy.

I say this because the mood and sound of their songs vary; both soft and relaxing, or amplified and supercharged! The thing I like the most (and what I think will attract the “unlikely fan”, is the fact that they write their own songs, play their own instruments, and finally, how deep and heartfelt their lyrics are. To point out the cliché, yes I feel that every song has been or is relatable to my life. But they capture my attention in such a different way! I really urge you to listen!

Let’s get into the band’s background. Eyeshine’s front man is Johnny Yong Bosch, who you may or may not recognise as the black ranger from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (If you’re old enough). No; not the black, black ranger, the oriental one. (Pun intended). He also plays Ichigo Kurosaki in “Bleach” (English voice over). So now you’re catching onto my geeky, anime and Power Rangers side. So, I’m a fan! Shoot me!

Back to the original topic… Johnny Yong Bosch is a well-known anime voice actor, and has a lot of roles under his belt. The band members’ names and roles are as follows:

  • Johnny Yong Bosch: Lead vocals and guitar.
  • Maurice Salmin- Drums, piano and vocals.
  • Polo Yazaki- Lead guitar
  • Ginny Eck- Bass guitar, violin and vocals

Eyeshine tour nationally mostly, but have travelled to New Zealand and Hawaii. They are requested to perform at a number of anime conventions, as their popularity has grown. YouTube has definitely aided their rise in popularity, and plays host to their music videos, contests and Vlogs. And how do they do all of this? With their own money, and the money they make from fans buying merchandise, CDs/music downloads and of course from concerts and gigs.

The band was established in 2004, and since then has had a few changes in band members; in the month of May last year; the USCIS (Immigration) contacted Polo (who is originally from Japan) in regards to his visa. There are 6 requirements, in order to pass, 3 out of 6 are required, and Polo only had 2. Immigration needed proof that Eyeshine were not just known as a band to the local area; Eyeshine reached out to their fans via YouTube, and asked for letters – this would show immigration that they are known globally. In the end the response was good, and Polo acquired his visa!

As an independent band, they have taken part in and won many competitions such as “Gimme the Gig 2”. They have played on live TV and have received unsigned artist awards for their albums; as this article goes to print, Eyeshine are number 1 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for Los Angeles, CA.

Their discography consists of 10 albums; 2 of which are acoustic, 1 Christmas album, 1 karaoke album and finally an instrumental album. “Like Yesterday” is their latest release, and is available now!

I could go on and on about their many successes, and I really, really want to! But I shall just leave you with some useful information on how to find them.

Youtube: theeyeshineband

ReverbNation: Eyeshine

Facebook: eyeshinemusic

Twitter: @TheEyeshineBand

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