Are Emotional Affairs Classed As Cheating?

If there is one thing no committed person wants to see, it’s their partner cheating. Cue arguments, rock-bottom self esteem and heaps of self pity. It’s the ultimate betrayal. But, where do we cross the line? Is cheating confined to the physical or does it breach out to emotional aspects as well?

An emotional affair is when a partner falls in love with another person, or at least has a strong emotional attachment to them. Indications are flirty, concealed text messages, long phone calls, secret dates and sometimes kisses and cuddles. It is defined by this secrecy, hence why it is termed ‘affair’. Yet, unlike sexual infidelity, emotional affairs do not involve sex. Some would argue that nothing has happened and therefore it doesn’t count. But even if your partner swears that no physical boundaries were crossed, that nothing happened, could you forgive them?

Both types of infidelity have a lot in common. In order for this emotional connection to be maintained, a few relationship ground rules will have been crossed. How are both parties keeping in contact? The partner will have asked for a number, an email address or could have joined a dating website. Even if it was the other side doing the asking, they willingly gave it to them.

The sad reality is that whenever the two were talking, dating or thinking about one another, this was time taken away from the innocent other-half. Relationships are supposed to be exclusive and so this behaviour is a breach of trust; a key aspect of any relationship. Some would argue that it shows intent to cheat, that they just hadn’t reached that final stage yet. Though the spouse may vehemently deny any physical activity, how could you ever be certain?

On the other hand, some would argue that there is still some loyalty present. By not going there, they have not crossed the physical and so it doesn’t constitute into an affair. Others would argue that it is a very strong friendship; intimate relations in the workplace are not uncommon. Would it be worth splitting up your family, or leaving your home over? Could the spouse have just made one of life’s mistakes?

Ultimately, whether you think emotional affairs are over-stepping the mark or not, it hints that all is not well in the relationship. There might be something missing for the partner to be seeking it elsewhere. Where do you lie in the affair debate? Let us know!

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