WANTED: the perfect derrière please!

There’s always at least one part of our body we’re dissatisfied with, and for me it’s always been my bum. It used to be ENORMOUS – and I still think it is far too big – but after years of trying various exercises to decrease the size of my posterior, I can now say that it is firmer and somewhat smaller. In short, my bum isn’t anywhere near as big and bouncy as it used to be. Phew! I am a Fitness Instructor after all!

If you too want to get that desired butt that sits up high, is tight and muscular yet gives off that perfect round shape, then there are certain exercises which CAN help. Although genetics play a role, you can still overcome any obstacles that your genetics put in your way. Nothing is impossible!

My Favourite Exercises to Target The Bum and Glutes:


1: The Deadlift:
I love this exercise, and I have many grown men and women near to tears in my Circuits and Toning classes. True it isn’t an exercise that specifically hits the glutes, but it IS an exercise that needs to be used, as it’s a compound movement and one which will also help with posture, which will have an effect on the look of your derrière.


2: One Legged Deadlifts:
Unlike the conventional deadlift, the one legged deadlift will hit the glutes a lot better, due to it being a unilateral exercise. It will hit all the muscles of the glutes, so for me this is one of the best exercises to add a lot of muscle mass to the bum.


3: Squats:
Oooh I love ’em and have many advanced variations at my disposal – including some which will make you howl in pain. No matter. Not only will the squat help build and tone your legs but it’s great for hitting the gluteus muscles. There has been evidence from studies to show that performing squats helps increase more muscle tissue to make your butt look better.


4: Sprints:
When I bring these in, why do some people think it’s OK to jog? Sprints are an exercise that require explosive and power type movements which in turn, if used in intervals, will anaerobically exhaust the body. I bet you haven’t seen a sprinter with a saggy butt have you? They all have a very lean frame, which goes to show sprints will definitely help in your pursuit for a better bum.


5: Lunges:
Oh my God, I start salivating with glee at the mere mention of these – an absolute staple in my classes and the stuff of nightmares when I bark ‘ Hold – now pulse!’ There are many forms of lunges, all with their own advantages. The static lunge is great for hitting the glutes, as well as legs. A progression from static lunges are ‘Walking Lunges’, although these require a bit more stability to perform. Another type of lunge is the side lunge which, depending on your length of stance, can hit different angles of the glutes and leg muscles.


So there you have it: bottoms up and blast that booty!

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