LOVE on the line? You could be on the right track

Online dating is the thing of the moment, thousands of people giving in and accepting that this is the way to finding your soul mate.  Whilst it has become the norm to look for the love of your life in this way, it occurred to me as I travelled on a packed train that ‘the one’ might just be on this very journey for some unsuspecting commuter. Thousands of people travel to work each day and the thought of the warm 15 tog duvet they left behind has distracted them from seeing the endless possibilities that are just a few feet away.

I’m people watching again and looking for reasons to get my ipad out and write down an idea that gives me the uncontrollable urge to kiss the bloke next to me. If you look hard enough it appears like the empty seat your feet have  longed for… the best feeling you will have all day. My light bulb moment came when I realised that people look down not up. Not rocket science is it?  A large number of men and women together in one carriage, make it two if you count the journey home watching a film on the latest gadget or reading this Summers bestseller on their Kindle.

Whatever floats your boat is fine, especially reading… wink wink!  Something has changed; is my imagination running as fast as the train I’m on or is this how it has always been? Too frightened to approach someone or even try to lock eyes in case you get the brush off means that more and more people remain single. It won’t ruin your life or leave you damaged if you are rejected by someone you don’t even know but the regret you feel by not having the guts to try will linger like a bad smell.

I remember a time when people took a chance and quite impressively too!

There was I, 19 a believer in fairytale endings and waiting for a bus; not my favourite means of getting from A to B but that’s where this story begins. Two men who I’d never laid eyes on before, drove past in a van when one of them looked out and smiled at me so I smiled back; as you do. Unbeknown to me, my smile made this fella turn round and get on the bus that I had caught. I thought, “Is that him from the van”? A surreal moment that only happens in the movies; but it wasn’t a dream, it was really happening to little ole me. I reached my destination and he got off too! To cut a long story short, he asked me on a date and when I asked why he said, “Because you smiled”.

So there you go, if I looked down instead of straight ahead I wouldn’t have had an epic movie moment which lets face it, is what we all dream of.

Did I say YES to a date with this bus hopping hero?

What would you have done?

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