Tegan and Sara ‘Heartthrob’: ALBUM REVIEW

Calgary’s indie darlings make a blistering return with their eagerly anticipated 7th full length studio album ‘Heartthrob.’ Shamefully enough I don’t think Tegan and Sara ever made too many waves this side of the pond. In fact maybe their music is more famous than they are for being featured on TV Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, even The Hills and Hollyoaks but this album is a game changer set to get these twin sisters the recognition and acclaim they deserve.

For those in the know about these chicks, trust me when I say that this record could potentially blow their most famous and celebrated outing  ‘So Jealous’ out of the water. Making the 4 years it took to make, well worth the wait. For those not in the know Tegan and Sara are sometimes melancholic, sometimes intense, sometimes sickeningly sweet but their music always has one thing in common: sincere, heartfelt lyrics that deal with the triumphs and tumbles of the heart and it’s always incredibly relatable without breaching the realms of whiny and annoying. Suffice to say they are a relationship centric-band that are a go to for the post -break up soundtrack of lovelorn 20 something’s everywhere.

‘Heartthrob’ see’s the Canadian alt rock duo depart from their signature folky guitar driven sound and just like Taylor Swift ditched the country for some sweet ass,  hook heavy pop tunes they do too.  To be honest in both cases, it’s been a stellar move. In ‘Heartthrobs’ case it’s every bit as sincere and meaningful as it ever was, it’s just more grown up and unapologetically fun!  Imagine infectious indie synth pop with a sprinkle of camp 80’s prom magic; like the soundtrack to the movie Drive if it had been directed by John Hughes.  Closer, the opening track and first single is a dance floor smash that defies you not to shake it and Drove me Wild is in much the same vein.  I was a fool is a poignant piano driven ballad with a heavy beat that’s every bit as emotive as it is catchy matched only by the soulful Love They Say. The greatest track on the album is without a doubt the phenomenal I’m not your hero with it’s anthemic chorus and damn near perfect melodies, it just completely kicks ass.

‘Heartthrob ‘ultimately sounds like The Naked and The Famous meets Ani DiFranco or maybe Alannis Morisette. These are two ladies who’ve found themselves and are finally comfortable in their own skin. It’s empowered, Lena Dunham could have produced this album as it’s so choc full of quirky chick balls. A very, very enjoyable listen.

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