Top 5 Destinations to Buy Property in India

Buying property is easy but buying good and lucrative property definitely does require some painstaking research. As far as the real estate sector in India goes, one must not forget that the demand and the supply are moving in tandem. Being amongst the top grossers in terms of the population, property is always going to be a hot selling cake. India is developing and is experiencing development of a different type. In this case, choosing the correct destination for your dream property could be a task. Here are some of the best known and value appreciating destinations one can choose from to set foot on.



Mumbai, the erstwhile Bombay, the city of dreams and the city that never sleeps is famously known for the number of immigrants it welcomes each day, some to build their dreams and some to build their homes! Divided between the old historic south Mumbai and north Mumbai it has seen hardly any declines in the real estate growth. It has been booming and being a trading place, a market place, where the Bombay stock exchange has made a house; it will see no dim light on the growth in its property sector.



Being the IT destination, the Silicon city of India, Bangalore now, Bengaluru, is witnessing a never experienced climb in its property prices as many of the famous and renowned companies and multinationals vie this destination to make home for their flagships branches and offices in this city in India. The city is now sprinting with tall skyscrapers and luxurious apartments reflecting a clear change in taste, lifestyles and income brackets too.



The land of Gujarat has been flourishing like never before under the auspices of the Chief Minister Narendra Modi who has been navigating India’s a marketplace and industries only to Gujarat. This has made Gujarat a top destination. Ahmedabad, a city known for its people, food and culture is seeing a booming time. Buying property in Ahmedabad could be an asset; property in Satellite, an upmarket old rich area is a good spot to purchase apartments for sale and could end up being a very investment on your part; however, if you do not intend to buy anything as of yet and are on a short visit, you can always go for apartments for rent that are made available from time to time.



Delhi, the National Capital Region (NCR) is another coveted destination for property purchases in India. Not only being the capital of the country fetches value for it but being surrounded by areas that are booming in the real estate sector like, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida and Gurgaon is adding more value to its property prices.



Many readers would find it difficult to digest Jaipur as booming real estate destination, however, it is true. This city has been developing not only due to internal factors but also because it attracts an immense tourist crowd making it a hot spot for developers to invest in. The city is very well connected to northern India with the capital being an odd 300 Kms away from it. There is lot of land on the outskirts making it a top favourite amongst developers as well.


These are some of best developing and appreciating destinations in terms of the real estate growth that one must definitely narrow down to invest in.

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