Why we forget to be grateful

Beyonce pre-sale tickets are sold out. Sold out. In something stupid like half an hour. My poor friend Chloe was sat in a virtual waiting room desperately trying to secure us the best seats to see our idol and then before you no it they’re all gone.

Now sometimes it takes something silly; like anger over Beyonce tickets, to realise how ridiculous you are being.

Things move quickly in this part of the world; technologies, relationships, trends and gadgets… we get so caught up in this consumer ridden environment that sometimes we forget to be grateful for what we do have.

Whilst I sit at my laptop in the warmth of my home writing this article, someone in a third world country is cold, hungry and scared. To even write that makes me feel physically sick.

We’ve all seen the adverts and heard the facts. Children with malaria dying every minute, starving babies and deaths of innocent people due to lack of food, shelter, warmth and protection. It’s heartbreaking to watch, and most of the time you’ve seen them so much you switch over or look away.

With Comic Relief coming up next month, the nation will be reminded of these horrendous conditions, and hopefully Britain will reach into it’s pockets and donate to such an important cause. If not, let’s at least hope that whilst sitting comfortably in the comfort of your living room that you take a step back and appreciate everything you have. Because we don’t realise how lucky we are.

I feel selfish and stupid for getting annoyed about my Beyonce tickets now. I was willing to pay £85 to see her in concert. I could buy 17 mosquito nets with that money and save 17 lives. I think I’d much rather do that instead.

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