Best Apps for iPhone 5 users

We all love iPhones, arguably the most popular phone in the world today. Millions of cool apps and easy interface to use. We bring you the best 5 apps to download on your iPhone today from the Apple App Store.


Temple Run 2:

After the success of the original Temple Run that had people gripped to their phones for hours at a time, Temple Run 2 is sure to follow in the original apps footsteps. With better graphics and a mine-cart section added to the game, Temple Run 2 is definitely one of the best apps for iPhone users.



One for the writers and readers amongst us. Claiming to scan over a billion Facebook and Twitter users to bring you the latest and best news stories currently being shared on the web – NewsWhip could become an invaluable source for latest breaking news.



A free Microsoft app on the iPhone? Yep. Microsoft’s PhotoSynth is a great app for the wannabe photographers out there. Making it easy to create and share panoramic photos, PhotoSynth is really easy and friendly to use, a great app.



Wikipedia is loved by people worldwide as a source for information and reading. Wikipanion is a free dedicated Wikipedia app that makes it easier to access and read Wikipedia via your iPhone.


TuneIn Radio:

Great for listening to new music on the train journey home from work etc. TuneIn Radio lets you access over 50,000 radio stations from your phone, it also looks great and works easy.


So now you know what Apps to have on your iPhone – go, download and enjoy! But what if you don’t have an iPhone yet? Dialaphone mobile phone deals offer some of the best competitive prices for iPhone contracts, we all know the iPhone 5 is the most wanted phone out there today – edging the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Know any other essential apps for iPhone or hidden gems to download and install? Let us know!

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