On the Beyonce hype…

It’s official. I am the proud owner of six tickets to see Beyonce at the O2 in April. I don’t think I could be more excited. As I am a lucky O2 customer I woke up early on Thursday and had two computers on the go waiting for tickets to go live at 9.30. After lots of praying to every God I could think of, my luck suddenly changed and come 10.10 am I was the proud owner of 6 tickets.

Now, I’m not saying I’m a super fan who has supported her throughout her Destiny’s Child years, movie career and solo career. I’m not. However recent years I have watched her perform and gained a huge respect for her style, talent and how she manages herself. I was slightly gutted after her “I am… Sasha Fierce” tour and album that I hadn’t gone to watch her tour. I promised myself I would go see her next time and made a pact with my two sisters we would go. Last years Glastonbury set and the release of her latest album “4” just proved to me how much I would love to watch her live.

Apart from her amazing vocals, support act and stage presence. One thing I’m really looking forward to is her stunning yet outrageous outfits. She manages to ooze style and sex appeal whatever she wears. Whether she is out and about with her daughter Blue Ivy and husband Jay-Z, or performing on stage what she does best.

The last tour “I am…Sasha Fierce” was designed by the world famous French designer Thierry Mugler. He described the aesthetics of her stage outfits were a cross between “a woman and a warrior …Feminine, Free, Warrior & Fierce.” Her recent Super Bowl performance caused some controversy over her wardrobe. This later resulted in the public reposting unflattering photos of her performing via Facebook and Twitter.

Designed by New York designer Rubin Singer, he has apparently worked with Beyonce over the years and presented storyboards of his fall 2013 collection to the singers stylists, which captured her vision for the Super Bowl performance. The costumes were based on his upcoming 2013 collection entitled “Valkyrie’s Dominion.” This is a Norse myth in which a female figure decides which soldiers die in battle and which will live.

Beyonce has always been one for female empowerment and a bit of an ambassador for being a feminine “warrior” perhaps this is what I should expect come April. I’m expecting structured leather corsets like Singer’s designs for her more upbeat and recognised songs. However as the tour is called “The Mrs Carter Show- world tour” I am also expecting some feminine and elegant gowns for her slower songs. She is a mother now after all.

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