Which Bands Would You Like To Reform?

I am one of those people who is watching The Big Reunion on ITV2 on a Thursday night and I am not ashamed of that!!

The six bands they follow, all were formed when I was growing up, and I am not afraid to say I used to dance to their songs at my Primary school disco and copied their style (double denim anyone?)

They are all getting together for a tour. Liberty X, 911, Honeyz, Atomic Kitten, B*Witched & 5ive (the last two are my favs) have to spruce up their choereography and warm up their vocal chords for this big tour over a decade later.

There has been some hostility between members, due to drugs, drink and walk outs, but they have to put aside their differences and try and pull off something quite big.

But whilst I was watching it, I was thinking how happy I am that these 6 bands are reuniting again, due to the fact I liked them all in their hey day. Then I was thinking about which bands who have not yet reunited or even reformed I would like to see back the most. Reunions can be successful, with bands like Take That, The Stone Roses and Blur selling new albums and being “back for good” (sorry about the pun), and then the Spice Girls and Pulp who came back just to do it one last time (but then, I bet they will try again soon).

So if I got to do this programme and to invite and try to reunite 6 bands, who would I pick?


1. Oasis

The band famously from Manchester, created by two brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher. The band was extremely successful with their mellow but also hard-hitting tunes and their ruggedness made them charming. Noel famously quit the band stating that he just could not work with Liam any longer, which was a huge shame, considering they were at their peak. Since then, they have gone on to lead other bands Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds & Beady Eye. A reunion would be good TV due to the tensions the brothers obviously have, but if they put their differences aside and reunited, everyone will learn to love them and their Manc charm again.

Famous for: Wonderwall, Don’t look back in Anger & Morning Glory.


2. S Club 7

These seven young adults jumped on our screen like a huge wave with their cheesy smiles, their “cool” outfits, and their backflips. I loved these guys. I use to watch their TV shows Miami 7, LA 7 etc and I remember watching SMTV: Live and trying my best to learn the dance moves to Reach. Personally I think if any of you didn’t like them, you are in denial. I was in Junior school bouncing about trying to work out who will be who in our lunchtime version of the band. They split up due to them feeilng they needed to do things on their own, but I blamed Paul for leaving in the first place, leaving them as a six. Selfish. Since then Paul, Bradley and Jo go around University towns for a bit of a karaoke session whilst the more talented members are doing their own thing. A reunion would be gold, and hopefully someone will tell Jo to give up her lead singer role, and blend in the background. She annoyed me but I loved the others.

Famous for: Reach, S Club Party, Bring it all back.


3. The Verve

A band who are just so freakin’ awesome, I don’t even feel I should explain myself right here. Some of the best music I have ever heard and listened to, and the band from Wigan have reunited a couple times before, but why not again? The only best thing that came from their split was Richard Ashcroft’s solo career, and the songs A song for the lovers & Science of silence. Their reunion, I think won’t be as interesting as the others, as no real bad feelings are between them and they have had plenty of practice. No more should be said. Have a listen.

Famous for: The drugs don’t work, Bittersweet symphony & Lucky Man.


4. East 17

I remember that my sister use to be part of their fan club and got newsletters and posters sent to her regularly  She use to play their album on repeat and I soon got into it. I must have been really tiny at this time. Four young men were gathered to try and be the “bad boys” of pop, being compared as the UKs version of New Kids on the Block. (Remember them bas-ass’s?) Their reunion would be amusing, seeing as Harvey actually got sacked from the band after praising drugs live on air, and then when Harvey was gone, the rest of the band went on a downward spiral. I don’t know whether they will let him take all the flack for their downfall, or whether they will forgive him and trust him that he will be committed to the band once more.

Famous for: House of love, Stay another day & Thunder.


5. Busted

I freakin’ loved this trio of loveable rogues, including the bushy eyebrowed one. Pop-rock at its best, and I just hit puberty so I fancied everything that moved anyway. I have all their albums, I went to their gigs where I brought a scarf and I have a DVD about them too. Yes, now it is pretty embarrassing, but at the time they were MY thing. They were the band I obsessed over. I am not sure whether it was the cheese fest, the fact they could play their own instruments or just the guys in general. Matt was my favourite, which again went against the rest of the teenage girls who fancied Charlie (poor James). So again, when I heard that Busted had split due to Charlie wanting to concentrate on his NEW band Fightstar, I was upset. But luckily, James fell into the band Son of Dork and Matt does regular presenting roles, (and bagged himself a hot wife). I think there is no real hard feelings between the three and their reunion will be lovely.

Famous for: What I go to School for, Who’s David? & Crashed the Wedding.


6. The Beatles

Sure, if half of the band was actually alive this could happen, but seeing as John Lennon and George Harrison are no longer with us, this cannot happen (Sad times). But I can still dream right?? The cute foursome from Liverpool took the world by storm and even had a “mania” after them, (Beatlemania if anyone was struggling there). Arguably the best band ever to have existed, seeing as they have only just recently been topped by this “really-annoying-boy-band-who-are-actually-a brand-and-when-their-looks-disappear-they-will-be-nobodies”; well, hopefully. (One Direcition if you didn’t quite guess). Many a good song, which were WRITTEN by the band, instruments PLAYED by the band, and they even had their own movies. If they were alive and reunited and went on a programme like The Big Reunion, I think they will feel a little awkward first off as many blamed John Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono for splitting up the band, but then they will hug it out, and start playing guitar.

Famous for: Hey Jude, Yellow Submarine & Hello Goodbye and all the other amazing songs they have ever done.

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