Leona Lewis joins forces with The Body Shop

It has recently been announced that Leona Lewis has signed on to be the new Brand Activist for The Body Shop.

The company are widely known for their ethical views, and it’s no coincidence that Leona is following in their footsteps. The singer actively expresses her views against animal testing and is a proud long-term vegetarian, so it only makes sense that she gets involved with a campaign so close to her own heart. Taking into consideration the constant rise of interest within natural and organic products, this seems like the perfect time for The Body Shop to build on their views with celebrity endorsement.

A new cosmetic line is set to be released late March, titled ‘Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis’ (slightly uninventive, come on guys!). The range is going to be 100% vegetarian so it definitely appeals to all the natural and organic fans out there. Leona will be working with The Body Shop and NGO Cruelty Free International to help with the aim of banning the use of testing on animals world wide. The new line aims to spread awareness while encouraging people to buy into products that are cruelty-free, with an added bonus if you’re a massive Leona Lewis fan.

If that wasn’t enough, Leona is also arranging a small concert to celebrate this new stage in her career. The gig will be on March 26 and will stream through The Body Shop’s Facebook page. This will promote both the Limited Edition Collection along with The Body Shop as a whole. The main aim of this entire campaign is to, in time, create a world-wide ban of testing on animals. This will also be promoted through the concert, hoping to influence those watching.

There are multiple debates floating around the e-world over whether the star is ‘famous enough’ to handle such a raw subject. Is she taking on too much, or is this just an exiting move in her career? Some have mentioned that she’s not in the public eye enough to make a difference, while others have argued that if she’s passionate and hardworking, it will pay off.

Everyone is excited to see what The Body Shop has in store (literally, ha!) for this new campaign and how Leona will handle this curve in her career. Either way, this year is definitely set to be an exciting one for the singer, with her new album also set to be released later this year.

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