Twitter – The perfect place for celebs to air their arguments?

Pretty much everyone who is connected to the Internet world will have a Twitter account, or at the very least know what one is!

I personally love Twitter. I can find out news before it is printed anywhere else, rant about anything I want to, post pictures of Friday night cocktails and of course have an inside privy into the world of celebrity arguments. You might all be looking the other way, pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about, but come on; admit it. You see one anger fuelled tweet re-tweeted all over your timeline and you have to know what’s going on.

I’m not saying I condone arguments over social networking. I myself have been involved in one, and it’s embarrassing to say the least! But what I find interesting, is why celebrities (who often complain too much of their lives are made public) constantly take to the Internet to make digs at others in their industry.

Celebrities are increasingly using Twitter as a sure fire way to make sure everyone knows who has p*ssed in their cornflakes on a particular morning. It eliminates the need for setting up a magazine deal, or a radio interview, although in the case of Chantelle Houghton’s rant against Alex Reid last year, all of these followed.

Popping up on my timeline this morning, was a public apology from Katie Price to Kelly Brook. The vendetta between these two started after Miss Price labelled Kelly as a ‘heffer’ in her column in the Sun. Kelly, I think, handled the situation perfectly. When talking about it in the press, she referred to Katie/Jordan as ‘a fellow female celebrity’ and turned the conversation to how overwhelmed she was about the support she had received from fans. This changed when Kelly made her debut appearance on Celebrity Juice. After Holly Willoughby mentioned the rift, Ms Brook replied “What, Magda from There’s Something About Mary?” Miaow.

A celebrity rift that didn’t start on Twitter, has now been brought to Twitter. Is this an intentional move by ‘The Pricey’ to try and get a retaliation out of Kelly, or is it completely genuine? Katie, playing the innocent, obviously wants to air the argument over Twitter, a way she knows publicity and attention will of course be gained. Whether Kelly will reply, or not, is yet to be seen.

But will the so called ‘Heffergate’ end with a public Twitter fight? For their sakes I hope not, because however interesting it may be to read, I don’t think they will realise what a mistake they’ve made until it’s printed on every broadsheet from here to, well whichever country cares.

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