People are sooooooo annoying

Yes I know, it may be just my grumpiness, but there are some things that people do that just drive me up the wall. They may be only small things but my senses seem to be fine tuned to noticing each and every one of them. I have picked out the most notable ones below, the ones that make me cringe or leave me shaking my head in disbelief.


GRUNTS AND GROANERS: These are common enough, but to grunt and groan if only picking up a pencil? What’s that about? Uughh, they go, while turning the steering wheel in their car, it can’t possibly be putting that much effort on your body, so do me a favour and quit it.


SENTENCE FINISHERS: Oh, how annoying are these people? Seemingly they know what you are about to say. If you start the sound of a word, they’re in there like a flash saying the word for you. If you choose a different word they will sound it out with you, it’s like the noises someone makes when they don’t know the words of a song. Rather than not sing along, they will make noises similar to the lyrics, bluffing their way through it.


REPEATERS: Closely related to the finishers, these guys just repeat what you have said back to you. They also have that annoying habit of, when a conversation has ended, saying out loud the subject that you were talking about, just randomly saying a word, leaving it hanging there.


LIP SMACKERS: Now we are getting into the nitty, gritty of it. Bodily noises are something that can push me over the edge. The lip smackers just do what they do, I’m someone that can be very comfortable with silence, this group of people are quite the opposite. Three or four smacks of the lips for no apparent reason. These people are also capable of being TAPPERS, again they are related to the lip smackers and fall into the SILENCE BREAKER family. Desk tapping, tapping the door in a car, they will break the silence at all costs.


SNOT SUCKERS: Ok, this is the worst of all annoying habits. It seems the perpetrators are totally oblivious to their actions. This can happen at any time, mid conversation even, you can see it unfold before your eyes and you pray to God that they won’t go through with it. It starts with a pause, followed by the face scrunching up slightly, then with a contorted face, they pull for all their worth from their nose and back of their throat. You think it’s all over but you’re wrong, what happens next is unforgivable and unnecessary. There’s the swallow. Eeeewwwwww, ‘one snot starter to go please’.


Ok, hope you weren’t eating while reading this. I could go on forever on annoying habits. Groups that I have left out for now include, and I will get back to these at a later date, NOISY EATERS, TEA SLURPERS, SPACE INVADERS and of course, MOANERS. If you see yourself in one of the descriptions above, please change your ways. You’re driving me mental.

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