Shades of A to Zay

First in the series, 50 Shades of A, pronounced ay not ah, to Zay. It’s a collection of short exerts in the life of Christy Grey, a farmer from Cavan.

ASS: Christy Grey was a farmer and was looking for love. He had arranged a date with Fionnula O Flaherty, a girl that lived three fields away. They arranged to meet in the middle field and both travelled by ass. When Christy arrived, Fionnula was already there waiting. After a few awkward glances and smiles, Christy finally broke the silence. ‘Do you always go bareback?’ He asked. Fionnula thought for a second before answering, ‘yeah, most of the time like’. Christy fumbled with his hands for a minute, ‘I like your ass’, he finally blurted out, causing Fionnula to blush a little. ‘Your own is not too bad either’, she replied. They both smiled and Christy pushed on, ‘I mean it’s a big ass, like’. Fionnula frowned at this, clearly not impressed and Christy tried to rectify the situation. ‘It’s a big strong ass, like, perfect for ridin’ like’, he stuttered.

The two were silent for a few moments, Christy decided to make his move. He pushed the hair on her ass to one side and rubbed it. Fionnula smiled awkwardly at this little invasion of privacy but in turn she started rubbing Christys ass. They looked into each others eyes, rubbing each others asses and not a word was spoken. What happened next took Christy by surprise. ‘Would you like to ride my ass’, Fionnula shouted, as if she had been thinking of asking the question for a while and finally just blurted it out. Mr. Thomas from across the road was passing at the time, he winked at Christy and gave him the thumbs up. ‘Ah, Jaysus, Fionnula, I don’t know, I’d be afraid I’d hurt it’. ‘Come on Christy, ride my ass, please’, she begged. Christy kicked a few stones and put his hands in his pockets, boyishly. ‘It’s just that’, he paused, ‘you’re going to think I’m stupid like, but it’s just that’, he paused again. ‘Go on christy’, Fionnula encouraged. ‘It’s just that I’ve never rode a girls ass before’.

Fionnula laughed and Christy smiled back, ‘come on Christy, there’s loads of lads that never rode a girls ass before, but sure you’ll have to try sometime’. ‘Go on Christy, ride her ass, I want to see ya’, Mr. Thomas shouted across, still leaning against the wall watching. ‘Oh go on then’, Christy shouted excitedly and he mounted her ass, much to Fionnulas delight.

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