Top Irish Films to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner our thoughts turn to all things Irish. Be it a pint of smooth Guinness in a traditional Irish pub or say a spot of River Dancing for example. But why not take the opportunity to celebrate some of Ireland’s best films. Be it by an Irish writer, a story of Irish life or a movie filmed on the beautiful Emerald Isle. Yuppee brings you our top films to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.


10. The Crying Game – The controversial film which made a name for Irish Director/Screen Writer Neil Jordan. Psychological thriller set in Rural Ireland against the contrast of London. IRA member Fergus develops a friendship with captive Jody.


9. Circle of Friends – Set in 1950’s Ireland. Three friends are about to enter university in Dublin. A heartrending story set in a beautiful place.


8. The Magdalene Sisters – A bold, shocking and powerful film which recreates a shameful period in history.


7. Bloody Sunday – Paul Greengrass’s film about the historical day in which British Soldiers opened fire on a peaceful demonstration in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.


6. In the Name of the Father – Based on Gerry Conlan’s autobiography. The alleged leader of the Guildford Four. Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Conlan. Nominated for seven Academy Awards.


5. Once – A 2007 movie shot on a budget of $150,000 over 17 days tells the beautiful, romantic tale of a Dublin busker and a Czech flower girl and their relationship based on their mutual love for music. Shot discreetly on the streets of Ireland.


4. My Left Foot – Daniel Day-Lewis portrays Christy Brown in this biog. A working class Irish man, Brown overcame the limitations of Cerebral Palsy to become amazing painter, poet and writer with his only functional limb – his left foot. Academy Award winner.


3. The Snapper – Adapted from the second novel in Roddy Doyle’s Barrytown trilogy. Full of quick wit and sarcastic banter.


2. The Commitments – Based on Roddy Doyle’s debut novel, Alan Parker’s legendary comedy about a down-and-out Irish R & B band with a fantastic soundtrack.


1. P.S I Love You – My personal favourite. A Story of love and loss in which Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler play Holly and Gerry, a young couple who’ve been together for 10 years who argue constantly. When Gerry dies a series of letters begin arriving on Holly’s Birthday from Gerry. To help her get through the grieving process he sends her on a trip to his birth place in Ireland. If you can through the first five minutes of American Shouty type arguing and some dodgy Irish accents then this film is definitely worth a watch but tissues at the ready. Its an emotional one.


There are many other Irish cinema greats to choose from. This is our selection – how about yours?

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