The Material Girls Guide to Backpacking

If you are a glamorous young lady embarking on a backpacking adventure round the world… this is the post for you.



Okay, so you need to get totally organised for your backpacking adventure. It’s going to be a shock. If you’re a bit of a snob, you will have to lower your standard slightly! It’s going to be a super dooper experience of a lifetime. Read up on the destinations that you are going to be traveling to, make sure you know a bit about the culture, weather and sights. You don’t want to miss out on anything. And you need to know what kind of outfits, shoes and accessories to pack! Then it is time to start saving. If you are a shopaholic, you are going to need to cut back. Strictly no impulse buys. Leave it for a few hours and think ‘do I really need this? Will it fit in my tiny backpack?’ The answer will more than likely be no. Every penny counts when you are travelling around the world. Plus, you can probably get knock off clothes in Bangkok for a quarter of the price of Urban Outfitters.



Packing is a traumatic process. You have such a limited amount of space in your backpack, but such a large wardrobe. Be ruthless. No heels. Try and be practical, yet fashionable. I know you can do it. When packing, remember less is more. And you have to carry all this stuff on your back for ages, think of the pain. Leave valuables at home. As much as your love your designer jewellery, GHDs and Louboutins, do not take them. And as much as your Gucci bag rocks your socks, it would not have the same effect on the people living on the streets in Asia. Be a ‘natural beauty’. Look after yourself, work on that bikini bod and don’t cake your face in make-up. It’s going to be hot, hot, hot. Melting foundation running off your face is not the best look. With the sun shining, you will be glowing in no time!



Have a huge leaving do with your friends and family, make sure you have them all on FB, Twitter and Skype! Get organised and plenty of beauty sleep before you fly. De-stress, forget about petty problems that don’t matter. Open your mind, this experience is going to be amazing. Make sure you take every day as it comes. In regards to the skanky hostels and train journeys… prepare for the worst- then it can only be better, right?!

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