Watsky: The Cardboard Castles Tour; Featuring Dumbfoundead. My Pre-Show Excitement!

So, a few weeks ago, I found out that Korean born, American raised rapper Dumbfoundead is touring internationally, with unsigned rapper Watsky on the “Cardboard Castles Tour.” I immediately ordered the new Dumbfoundead album and t-shirt bundle, purchased three tickets, and told my cousin and a friend of mine that they were going with me. No questions asked! I had heard about this international tour, and only recently had Dumbfoundead confirmed his attendance at the European shows.

The show I’m attending isn’t until May, at the O2 Academy in Islington, North London, I started counting down the days, and excitedly told everyone I knew- even if they weren’t interested. But then it dawned on me; I’d have to listen to this Watsky guy, for quite a while. So I decided to see what the fuss was about; it turns out Watsky is pretty interesting! Originally from San Francisco, Watsky is a rapper, writer and a poet, with many successes under his belt. His latest album “Cardboard Castles” is a mixture of spoken-word poetry, rap and comedy. He has his own web-series on YouTube, via the LOUD channel (the same company that films the web-series “K-Town”).

I started listening to Cardboard Castles, and was hooked immediately! I am really into poetry, and I often write my own, it was refreshing to hear a rap artists that uses spoken word in their music. Watsky’s words make you think and reflect-deeply. Words are definitely a powerful thing.

Born George Virden Watsky, (I sense a European background here); originally from San Francisco,he was raised in a middle-class family, and does not fit the stereotypical, physical rap image. How can I explain? Imagine Michael Cera from “SuperBad.” Just as scrawny, but not quite as nerdy.

The Cardboard Castles tour commenced on 8th March; starting from and spreading throughout America, then into Central Europe; there after France, Italy, and then finally hitting the United Kingdom!

The tickets are only £10.00 each, plus a £1.50 booking fee. The word on the street is they’re selling fast, so I’d head over to Ticketmaster asap!

Expect a full review in May!

Download “Cardboard Castles” now, from ITunes

YouTube: “gwatsky” and “LOUD”

Twitter: @gwatsky @dumbfoundead

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