Is there such thing as luck?

We all know people who have more money than you, are prettier than you, who have the perfect car, job, house, kids.

We all know people who can leave an essay to the night before, grab a can of red bull, stay up all night, and get a better grade than you.

We all know someone who seems to just, have it all, without really doing much at all. Whilst others (not just me, I know a lot of people who fall in this category) who work pretty hard but seem to just not really get anywhere.

For example, my sister; she has a good job, but not one that she would happily stay in forever. She has been with her boyfriend for some time now, and wants to buy a house. They have been saving like crazy and everytime they get close to the minimum amount for a deposit, it all changes. This search has been on-going and this year is the year they are hoping to buy their first home together. Sadly, mortgages and monthly payments are getting higher, and the house she does want is out of her reach. She works really hard so why can’t she catch this break?

Another example, my friend; she came out of University with the same degree as me, with most probably, bigger aspirations to be what we both aimed to be. She has applied and applied for, took on work experiences, and yet, after leaving university 10 months ago, still hasn’t got a job. She has even now stopped necessarily looking for a Journalism job, but just any job that gets her out of her rut. She was and is one of the hardest workers I know, and I have always enjoyed her writing, so how come she can’t get her foot in the door?

Loads of people say that luck does play a part in these things. “You just have to be in the right place at the right time”, or “it is who you know”. Sure, I can see that. If an opportunity arises and you get the chance to shine, it will sure help.

But another friend of mine who has got a great job, gets annoyed when people say to her that she is lucky. She told me that when she was unemployed, her job was to find herself a job. She did the hard graft of dragging herself to unpaid-internships and wasting money on trains. She worked hard to get where she is, and she would not count it as luck.

So, to some degree, I believe luck does play a smidgen of a part in our lives. But, I believe mostly that you can create your own luck. The harder you work, the luckier you probably will be, because you have put in the hours, the time which will eventually be recognised and hopefully lead to what you want to achieve.

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