Mulberry’s New Baby!

“Welcome- The Willow!”

The Mulberry Willow is the latest in a long line of Mulberry accessories on the way to becoming an iconic bag and well known name! The Willow emphasises brilliant British design through it’s simple structuring but eye catching shape. On the first instance, the tote bag seems somewhat dwarfed laying next to such fashion giants as the Bayswater and the Alexa but it’s subtleness certainly shines through in the form of versatility. The Willow tote, be it the small, the oversized or the medium sized all feature a unique piece of craftsman ship.

The envelope shaped front pocket is attached  by a zip and, when taken away from the tote, becomes the perfect clutch bag! It has a style of its own and can neatly finish off any outfit, adding a touch of class in the process! Ingenious! Perfect for the busy working woman by day and party animal by night… recently perfectly demonstrated by non other than Kate Moss!

What’s more, the Mulberry Willow Tote is available in colours to suit every occasion and keep you bang on trend for this SS13! Choose a black or white for a classic and elegant look or opt for the more vibrant apricot or mint tones for a strictly summer look! On top of this the Willow also boasts a choice of textures including the classic calf leather or shrunken calf for a bit of a vintage look. Even more variety is introduced through the ostrich leather and as if all of that wasn’t enough, a calf and ostrich mix is available for those of us who just can’t decide!!

With choices like these, the Willow will certainly be known for its versatility along with a reputation of simple, classic, British design. So who’s betting this is going to be one huge celeb trend this year?? I’m dizzy just thinking about it. I’d get to your closest Mulberry retailers FAST and pick up one of these bad boys while you still can!… Or play the waiting game and save a small fortune like me.

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