The Search for the Perfect Prom Dress

Most people will be thinking that it is far too early to even start thinking about prom. Apparently, this isn’t the case. My email inbox is full of messages informing me of the new prom collections that are being introduced into the high street as well as everyone constantly discussing the occasion. I can’t seem to get away from the word.

Not wanting to feel left out, I headed to the shops to see what they had to offer. My enthusiasm began to dwindle after two hours of being confronted with pink ball gowns that looked like they belonged to the cast of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. After finding that there was absolutely nothing suitable in my size and almost choosing the same dress as my best friend, – MAJOR DISASTER ALERT – I had almost given up when I saw the perfect dress on a mannequin in the distance. My sights were set on it. This was the one. They had my size. It was right there. Nothing could stop me now. Except maybe the £500 price tag. The urge to scream was overwhelming but I calmed myself down and went home.

Surprisingly, I still haven’t found a dress. There are so many websites with thousands of dresses that I’m finding it difficult to even contemplate looking at them. The only thing that’s come close is an Alexander Wang dress from a few seasons ago. It’s on sale so the price isn’t an issue. But as my previous lucky experiences have shown, there had to be a catch. Every size 8 in the entire world has sold out. My desperation has hit such a high level that I have no choice but to send a pleading message to the people at Alexander Wang; asking if there is an 8 hidden away and hoping that they’ll take pity on a poor girl.

I’m trying to remain optimistic even though prom has become something of a hassle. Don’t even get me started on the shoes and accessories.

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