Sick Of The Longest Winter Ever?

Keep calm and put the kettle on!

With so many great new collections brought out this for Spring/Summer, it’s SO infuriating that we can’t show them off. Even as i write this piece, it’s nearing the end of March and the snow is falling outside! But just because we can’t wear summery pieces without covering them up with a cardigan, a jumper, a jacket and a coat doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them… we’ve got to keep the hope alive folks!

So to make the most of this awfully long winter, I propose revamping your wardrobe in time for Spring/Summer! You’ve really no excuse! Why not make a brew, get snuggled up in front of the tele, corrie on, laptop on, and shop!

My personal favourite starting point when shopping online- “New In”. Asos always offers so much versatility, it really gets me thinking and inspires my wardrobe. As well as being reasonably priced with it’s own range, Asos does also offer up some delights from designer brands such as French Connection, Barbour, Ralph Lauren, Kurt Geiger, Levis, Ted Baker… the list is endless. Once you’re inspired by the variety, you know what you want, you’re clued up on the trends and you have your ideals in mind, if you want to stick to a budget, try the never ending Asos sale! “Never ending” in a good way of course, they’re always adding new lines! No joy? Then i’d advise you to spread your wings a little and search a bit further. There’s always a bargain to be had out there!

House of Fraser constantly have great discounts on their otherwise expensive products with an amazing range of style and occasion. I’d recommend this for finding a dress for that wedding you’ve got to attend this summer. That’s exactly what I did last year! My dress was pastel blue and white lace- bang on trend but at a discounted price! I suspect there will be more of the same this year!

New Look always have a sale online! GREAT for discounted heels for all of the garden parties you’ll be at when the summer finally arrives! New Look heels are reasonably priced from the off anyway, and I’ve never had any qualms relating to the quality, so when their reduced to £6 and £8 (YES) you’ve just got to grab a pair! Or 2.. or 4! The more you buy, the more parties you go to. Winner!

H&M- For the essentials! Always reasonably priced, H&M never fail to be my last minute saviour! The essential bandeau, the strappy vest, the staple skirt. I recently bought 2 skirts, a jacket and a pair of jeans for £22 in the H&M online sale!! So I think that’s proof enough that it won’t break the bank!

River Island- Always good for accessories and bags! Statement clutches are easy to come by at R.I along with a reliable shopper bag. Riv usually have a great selection of matching accessories, too, and once summer finally hits (HURRY UP) you’ll be spoilt for choice with sunglasses! It’s always the safest option for those finishing touches to any outfit!

First stop for shoes is Topshop! Be it heels, flats or boots that you’re looking for, you will definitely find the pair for you, your style and your price! Topshop stock branded shoes including Hudson and Dr Martens, they stock Topshop premium shoes- for if you want to really treat yourself, and of course they stock their amazing Topshop range from flip flops to chelsea boots and everything in between! These are shoes that will completely make your outfit and look after your feet while you’re on a long summer stroll!

So even though we might be going through the longest winter of all time! There is plenty to occupy yourselves with and you don’t even have to leave the house! Plus there’s so much more choice online… get it all ordered and get your wardrobe fully prepared for that long overdue Spring/Summer season. It’ll be worth it when it finally arrives!

Hang in there troops!

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