Do We Use Social Media To Glorify Ourselves?

“Lost 2lbs this week! wooo #bikinibody”

If you type the word “fitness” in to the search bar on Instagram, hundreds of pictures pop up showing Instagram users displaying their perfectly formed physiques, updating their followers with their “progress”.

Type in the word “boy friend” and you are introduced to the world of PDA and floral tributes, from no other than the “worlds best boyfriend”.

Or what about the #Selfies? Oh how we all secretly love a good Selfie. In case you don’t know what a Selfie is: A Selfie is a picture taken of you, by you and you usually look more attractive than normal due to tangible factors including lighting, makeup or editing.

Everyone is guilty of committing the crime of glorifying oneself through social media. Even i’m guilty. Whenever I set a new record on the treadmill I take a picture of it because I want my followers to see just how good I am at running.

Facebook was once known as “Brag Book”. Twitter is a competition of who can boast the most about their daily achievements and Instagram is really a question of who can be the best dressed, best looking, have the best body or the best chef.

“Got Christian Louboutin’s for my birthday!! #sospoilt”

Do we use social media to create a hyper reality of what our life actually is like? Sharing only our happiest moments to our friends and followers, creating a more perfect version of the life we live in.

Why do we use social media as a means of self glorification? Social media used to be a way for people to communicate with each other. Fast forward a few years and people still use social media to communicate, but more so use it as a platform for self marketing. Scroll through your friends list on Facebook, what do your friends status’ say? Is it an accurate reflection of their life? Or is it just a cheeky bit of self glorification?

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