Jonas Brothers – “Pom Poms”: Music Video and Song Review

It’s been four years since their last album release, but the Jonas Brothers are back! The music video to their new single “Pom Poms”, debuted exclusively on E! on 2nd April (U.S.A). It is available to download from iTunes now- if you’re a resident of the U.S.A… Annoying.

So I gave it a few listens, and I was drawn in from the very first beat. As a Jonas Brother’s fan, this was expected; but the major thing I noticed was that it wasn’t a typical JB sound. There’s nothing wrong with change right? And of course as we all know most main stream artists conform now, to keep up with the times. If I’m honest, my interest was kept for around 40 seconds, and I struggled to get past the 60 second mark.

Around 7 seconds in you hear a cheesy, cheerleader shout “okay!” Hmm… Okay, so the theme of song/music video is high school, along with cheerleaders and a marching band-fine. I just feel that four years have passed, and the Jonas Brothers have aged- by four years. They’re between the ages of 20 and 25, so what was the point of this? Don’t get me wrong, the music is upbeat, and they have stuck to playing their instruments, but I just feel that both the song and video are tacky.

Their music always contained lyrics that were meaningful, and they spoke about real situations. This “Pom-pom” business is nonsense. Although I am impressed with Joe Jonas’ lead vocals; they’re strong and sharp as always. The scene itself is a bit all over the place, so you have the Jonas Brothers playing in the middle of a school field, flashes back and forth to a gospel choir, a church, an old couple dancing, a marching band and lastly a small child drinking a milk shake. Okay, the milkshake tied in with the lyrics!

Oh, I almost forgot about the “cheerleaders”; they aren’t even dressed like cheerleaders! It’s just a group of girls wearing next to nothing, lounging around- in slow motion of course. Let’s not forget that the Jonas Brothers are no longer affiliated with Disney, as they are no longer signed to Hollywood Records, so a bit of skin is allowed I suppose!

I’d give this a 2 out of 5, and that’s me being generous. I’m not feeling it, without the tacky girl vocals, and a bit more meaning to the lyrics (the usual Jonas Brothers style), I think it definitely could have been a lot better.

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