Why Marianas Trench Are Your New Favourite Band

Marianas Trench are giants in Canada. Three albums down and they are currently playing the equivalent to an arena tour in their home country, entertaining thousands of fans every night. Yet whilst other Canadians are continuing the success they gain at home across the seas in the UK, regretfully this is not the case for Marianas Trench.

It’s not as though their albums aren’t worth our appreciation. In fact, their musical vision is increasingly impressive with each album they drop. The most recent addition, 2011’s Ever After, paints the picture of a fairytale world with a story spanning throughout the 12 impressive tracks, with impressive fillers so the outcome sounds like one continuous song. Somehow, if the concept of the album wasn’t impressive enough, the album is full of some downright tunes such as Stutter and Desperate Measures whilst also leaving room for the heartwrenchers that the band have come to write so well, such as So Soon.

This isn’t the only conceptual album the band have produced either, 2009’s Masterpiece Theatre is equally remarkable.

Still not convinced? I dare you, just open up YouTube and search for one of the many incredible songs in the band’s back catalogue, then tell me that Marianas Trench aren’t worth your time. I bet you can’t.

The band have supported fellow Canadian’s Simple Plan on tour recently, reflecting the pop-punk influence in their songs, and befriending bands such as All Time Low along the way. If you like pop-punk, you will like this band. Even if you prefer more punk than pop, there is something for everyone with Marianas Trench. 2006’s Fix Me is much less polished than the band’s more recent albums, ending with one of the band’s best songs Skin & Bones, about singer Josh Ramsay’s struggle with bulimia, arguably one of the most emotion-provoking songs ever.

If you still aren’t convinced, maybe the fact that Josh Ramsay was nominated for a Grammy this year for his work with Carly Rae Jepsen in penning her phenomenon Call Me Maybe. (Maybe that isn’t the best thing to use to try and convince you.)

It is unfair how overlooked this band have been considering how talented they are and how much their music deserves to be heard. If the word is spread, Marianas Trench could easily make their name in the UK. Maybe one day we will be able to experience a tour as epic as the Face The Music Tour which they are putting on in Canada at the moment, a production so big that it involves flying and sometimes even Britney Spears covers.

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