20 Best Moments From The Walking Dead’s Third Season

The Walking Dead airs it’s final episode of Season Three this week (Sunday for the US, and Friday for the U.K), so in honour of loosing everyone’s favourite zombie-slaying show until its return in October, I present to you the Top 20 moments from Season Three. (Warning: Spoilers for every episode of Season 3 preceding the finale!)


20. Hershel looses his leg.

(3×01 – “Seed”)
After being bit by a walker as he strolled on by, Hershel’s leg is unceremoniously amputated by Rick in the prison cafeteria. Hershel makes it through, but is forced to hop around on crutches for the rest of the season.


19. The Governor isn’t all he seems.

(3×03 – “Walk With Me”)
Season Three saw the long-awaited arrival of The Governor, and during the Woodbury-centric episode ”Walk With Me”, The Governor heads on out to ”rescue” a group of soldiers. To non-comic fans, this was our first hint that The Governor isn’t such a nice guy, as he kills all the remaning soldiers.  Everything he does from this point on just gets progressively worse, and Andrea remains oblivious for most of it.


18. Rick’s got thangs to do….and stuff.

(3×01 & 3×10 – “Seed” & “Home”)
While brushing Lori off in the first episode of the season, Rick angrily complains ‘Im doin’ stuff, Lori…things.’ (make sure you’re reading that in your head as THANGS). Ten episodes later, Rick tells Hershel he’s busy. ‘I’ve got…stuff out here. Stuff.’ Cue a hundred different internet memes about just how much Officer Rick loves things and stuff.


17. Morgan’s return.

(3×012 – “Clear”)
Rick first met Morgan all the way back in the pilot, and this season they were finally reunited. Poor Morgan had lost his son, finally shot his wife, and gone totally insane. The saddest moment comes when Rick finds Morgan’s walkie-talkie, that he’d promised to contact him on.


16. Daryl & Lil’ Asskicker.

(3×05 – “Say The Word”)
With Rick killing walkers in the tombs and talking on the phone, Daryl stepped up to take care of Shane/Rick/Lori’s baby. With Carl taking forever to name it (and the name isn’t worth the wait, goddamn it Carl) Daryl dubs her Lil’ Asskicker. Tumblr dies. Everyone continues to call her Lil’ Asskicker, probably because Carl naming her after his third-grade teacher is the stupidest thing ever.


15. Daryl finds Carol.

(3×06 – “Hounded”)
After the events of ”Killer Within”, a missing Carol is presumed dead. However, in ”Hounded”, after finding her knife, Daryl comes to her rescue and discovers her hidden in the depths of the prison. Thank god, because no one wanted a repeat of the ‘Where’s Sophia?!’ arc.


14. Bye, T-Dog.

(3×04 – “Killer Within”)
He had about six lines all together, and I’m pretty sure most of the characters barely remember his name, but T-Dog’s death was pretty sad. After getting bit while closing the prison gate, he later sacrifices his life so Carol can live, and we get to watch a walker tear his throat open. R.I.P T-Dog. Your finest moment will always be dropping that key.


13. Taking the prison.

(3×01 – “Seed”)
In order to make the prison habitable, and not waste any bullets, Rick, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie and Daryl clear it out by hand. Cue some epic walker kills, and a very disturbing look of sheer joy when Maggie manages to stab one of the re-animated prison guards underneath their helmet.


12. Guess who’s back…again…and again…and again.

(3×09 & 3×10 & 3×15 – “The Suicide King” & “Home” & “This Sorrowful Life”)
Lori died. Love her or hate her (and you probably hated her), it was pretty sad. But worry not, because she returns three times (four if you count the phone), when Rick goes off the deep end and starts seeing her everywhere. Her beautiful white wedding dress just reminds you how filthy all the other characters actually are at this point.


11. Rick gets a phone call.

(3×05 – “Say The Word”)
A lack of sleep, the end of the world as you know it, and the death of your wife thanks to a baby that probably isn’t yours would get to anyone. Rick’s phone call turns out to be the voices of his dead Atlanta camp friends and his wife, but the ‘…Hello?’ in episode five was one great cliffhanger.


10. Glenn takes on a Walker in Woodbury.

(3×07 – “When The Dead Come Knocking”)
ZOMBIE KILL OF THE SEASON, AM I RIGHT? After being captured, Merle beats Glenn, ties him to a chair and throws a walker at him. Gone are the days of Glenn feeling like he was in a real life Portal and making abortion pill runs- he’s a straight up bad-ass as he shatters his chair against the wall and uses the broken legs to kill the walker.


9. A Dixon reunion.

(3×08 – “Made To Suffer”)
They hadn’t seen each other since way back in Season One, when Merle was left handcuffed to a rooftop (not counting Daryl’s hallucination), but in the mid-season finale the Dixon brothers finally came face to face in Woodbury after The Governor pitted them against each other in a fight to the death.


8. Michonne vs. The Governor.

(3×08 – “Made To Suffer”)
Michonne saw through The Governors lies straight away, but she cemented her place on his must kill list when she stuck her sword through his walkerfied daughter, Penny. The fight that followed was amazing, and culminated in Michonne stabbing The Governor through the eye with a piece of glass from one of his creepy floating head tanks.


7. Best friends save eachother’s lives.

(3×10 – “Home”)
Rick’s last best friend took him out to the woods to shoot him. His new best friend does a little better, turning up just in time to save Rick’s life after leaving earlier to be with his brother. Yes, Rick’s the main character, but didn’t you think, just for a second, when he had three walkers on him at once, ‘Oh my god, he’s going to get bitten?!’. Daryl makes sure he lives to see another day, and their nod’s to eachother are super emotional.


6. Andrea becomes The Governor’s prey.

(3×14 – “Prey”)
Having finally wised up to who Phillip really is, Andrea make’s a run for it back to her friends at the prison. She doesn’t get very far before The Governor tracks her down, and stalks her through an abandoned warehouse.  It’s electrifyingly tense, and although Andrea makes it away, it’s not long before The Governor catches up again.


5. Shane!

(3×08 – “Made To Suffer”)
During the mid-season finale, Rick’s in the middle of an all out assault on Woodbury in order to rescue Glenn and Maggie, when he sees Shane walking towards him. Yay, Shane’s alive!! Or…not. Rick shoots him down (that’s three times he’s been shot now), only to discover it wasn’t really Shane after all. He’s just going mad. No one ever explains why Rick hallucinated Shane looking like Wolverine.


4. Sh*t Happens.

(3×02 – “Sick”)
Remember Rick Grimes, the nice police officer who didn’t kill the living? Character development, everyone. This post apocalyptic world has changed Rick, and when one of the prison’s still-alive inmates causes trouble, Rick is quick to put him down.


3. Boom, headshot.

(3×10 – “Home”)
Home was a really quiet episode. Until the last five minutes when, in the middle of telling Carol a joke, Axel got shot through the head. The Governor had arrived, and everyone ran for cover. Axel’s body came in handy for Carol, who used it as a shield.


2. So long, Merle.

(3×15 – “This Sorrowful Life”)
In an effort to protect his baby brother, Merle takes on The Governor and several of his Woodbury gang, after getting drunk in a car. Unfortunately for Merle, The Governor finds him. ‘I ain’t gonna beg!’ Merle angrily shouts. And he doesn’t. Nobody can kill Merle but Merle, remember, and although The Governor pulled the trigger, Merle knew what was going to happen if he did this. Daryl’s reaction at finding his troublesome older brother as a walker is heartbreaking.


1. Goodnight, love.

(3×04 – “Killer Within”)
Shane, Lori and Rick were three of the main characters, and by the end of ”Killer Within”, only one of  them was still standing. After a surprise walker attack, Lori goes into labour, and Maggie is forced to give her an emergency C-Section. It’s not one she’ll survive, and after saying goodbye to Carl she whispers ‘Goodnight, love’ before Maggie cuts her open. Carl puts her down, and Rick’s reaction at finding a blood soaked Maggie and baby and his heartbroken son is truly devastating. Someone give Andrew Lincoln an Emmy, please.

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