National What Day?

As Easter comes to a close, everyone starts focusing on the next big event, Fathers Day. However there are many events before this that people are forgetting to celebrate. We’re all familiar with ‘Pancake Day’ and ‘April Fools Day’, but it appears there are a lot more excuses for us to eat cake, drink alcohol (or Schloer for the non-drinkers) and go out to celebrate a meaningless day – everyday!

It’s hard to think where the ideas came from to devote everyday of the year to a particular subject. For example, May 14th is ‘National Dance Like A Chicken Day’. It’s not a common thing to see chickens dancing, apart from possibly on YouTube, so having a day dedicated to this seems odd, but I’m sure the world would be a much more interesting place if everyone went about their normal routines, but for this particular day they added a chicken dance to everything they did. Imagine having the morning briefing with your manager flapping your arms as if they were wings, or standing at the front of a lecture theatre delivering a lesson on biochemistry kicking your legs in the air and moving your arms up and down.

There are also a number of days that entitle you to get away with anything, by giving the excuse that it’s ‘National Blame Someone Else Day (January 13th) or ‘National Everything You Do Is Right Day’ (March 16th). ‘National Tell-A-Lie Day’ falls on April 4th, just three days after ‘April Fools Day’.

If we were to live each day doing the activity the date tells us to do, we would unfortunately all become very large, and very lazy. This is due to most of the days in the year being filled with a different type of food, (unhealthy) or a different excuse for spending the day sleeping. If like the majority of the world, at midnight on December 31st you told yourself you were going to loose weight and start eating healthy, you’re off to a good start until, well, mid January. January 19th sees ‘National Popcorn Day’ which is directly followed by ‘National Buttercrunch Day’ on the 20th. August 10th gives us ‘National Lazy Day’ and on November 30th allows you to congratulate your health by giving us ‘Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day’. However there is no day which encourages you to go out and do some exercise, burn off the Strawberry Sundaes that you were given a whole day to eat. Unless you’re a crab as February 17th is ‘Champion Crab Races Day’.

Remember when you were younger (or still now) you would put socks in the wash and only one would return? Or perhaps you’d leave a sock without it’s partner in the changing rooms or at a friends house? Do not worry, on May 9th people remember these lost socks, (possibly with the sock that was left by itself) on ‘Lost Sock Memorial Day’. So if you ever find yourself bored, or needing an excuse for the day off work, just search what day it is! http://all-funny.info/real-list-of-national-days has a list of the days, among other websites.

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