Live like a Princess in New York City: Five easy steps

You’re flying to New York City, the city of dreams, and you want to do it right. Here are 5 easy steps to making Carrie Bradshaw look like a peasant.


Upgrade Baby!

Economy? What is this? We don’t do minimal legroom and plastic cutlery, it’s all about the menu, the champagne, and the toiletry pack. Even if you just step up to economy plus, it’s the only way to fly.  Make sure you dress smart, Princesses don’t do joggers in public; you’re not on Jeremy Kyle.


Hello double doors

Standard double room – I don’t think so. You’re in New York City, and you’re gonna live a celebrity lifestyle for the entire trip. Celebs don’t retire to a standard guestroom; they unwind in their suite. Open double doors to your own personal lobby, layback on the living room sofa, and throw clothes about in your giant dressing room. When you’ve finished soaking in your giant bathtub under chandelier light, give room service a call…they’re late with your champers!


What’s the subway?

No no – those steps going underground are not for you. Cab only, and failing that…chauffeur please! The underground in New York is confusing and scary, you don’t know who’s lurking in that dark smelly place, and you’re not gonna find out anytime soon.


We don’t do sales

Outlets, sales… that’s a big NO when swanning around the city like a Princess. Sale items are either out of season or damn right ugly, and outlets are just as bad.  Embrace the new stock in Barneys, Macy’s, Bloomie’s and dare I say; Bergdorf Goodman.  Even if you’re just trying stuff on for a taste of the high life, no-one’s to know you’ll be running around Primark once you get home.


Sightsee in style

Climbing up the empire state in UGG boots and queuing for tickets is just not acceptable behaviour for Princesses. Fast track priority is a must, and put on your best heels. Get the professional photographer snapping away at the top of the Rockefeller centre. People may stare but that’s the point.


…And there you are, follow these simple steps to feel like a superstar and look like one too. New York is the most magical city in the world and acting like a pure Princess will only make your time there even more special. 
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