90’s pop reigning the charts in 2013

If anyone had told us this time last month – PJ &Duncan will be number one, we would have all laughed. Or, if a few years ago someone predicted that the likes of Five, Atomic Kitten and Bewitched would all be on tour together, we would have told them to move with the times.

To be honest that’s what I’ve been told the last decade when it comes to my music taste. As much as I enjoy variety; my itunes ranges from Oasis and The Vaccines to Eminem and Olly Murs – unlikely combinations. Then it’s outweighed by my well known guilty pleasure, which I’ve never grown out of – 90’s pop.

However, now it seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon. I think it’s been a long time coming, especially since the Spice Girls reunion and then Blue’s attempt at Eurovision. But this time it’s been a success thanks itv2’s The Big Reunion. I don’t think even they thought the craze would go this far; a Big Reunion DVD, a ‘Pop Stars’ album coincidentally released at the same time and a nationwide tour which was supposed to be a one off gig.

But when the reformed groups appeared on Ant & Dec’s Saturday night takeaway and aka PJ& Duncan joined in with the live performance for a laugh no one was thinking the secretly loved ‘Let’s get ready to Rhumble’ would take the number one spot away from the likes of Pink and Justin Timberlake.

Whist the nation’s laughing it is actually great to see British pop back in the charts. For us 90’s kids it’s like reliving out childhood (because it’s suddenly cool to like this music again).

Although the program has shown how behind the cheesy smiles we all fell for when we were younger, it’s not all happy in the world of pop. Kerry Katona is a fine example of that and I have to admit I know she’s trying nowadays but she is the one thing I hate about the show! Five are now four and all the other groups have shown tears on camera.

You either love them or hate them, but this recent turn does show the power of Ant & Dec – how the other groups have been on our screens for weeks rehearsing and then they perform for 30 seconds and go straight to number one – you have to laugh.

With PJ and Duncan topping the charts it’ll be interesting to see how long pop can reign this time around. The tour continues in to Christmas, but will people still really be bothered at that point? I for one am happy to see cheesy pop be in the charts for as long as possible, seeing as I haven’t grown out of it from the first time around!

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