Crazy over social media

We live in a world where your relationship is tested on how many ‘date night’ snaps you upload onto Facebook.

We are judged on how fit we are, or whether we are ‘datable’ according to our Instagram likes and followers. In a nutshell, our generation is completely obsessed with social media, and if you’re not involved, you’re not ‘normal’.

Just in case you forgot the realm of sites you can post your face on or your thoughts, here are the most common used sites in my opinion. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Keek, Pintrest and I am sure there are many more I’m not familiar with.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a self-proclaimed Twitter addict, though half of my tweets are me pleading for editors and journalists to take some sort of notice of me.

The idea of having images of myself plastered across several social networking sites, and them all being individually liked, poked or re-posted makes me feel slightly uneasy. Especially if they received none of the above .. how awkward. The main culprits (on my newsfeed anyway) are those men who oil their chest and embarrassingly tense their muscles, ready for their picture to be swooned over by girls on networking sites.

Not to forget the girls half naked with seven layers of plastered make-up gagging for likes on Tumblr. If our generation created blogs and websites that flaunted their passions and interests rather than their chests I think we would all be taken more seriously.

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