Margaret Thatcher – Apparently it’s Cruel to be Cool…

Before you read this article I need to highlight that I have no opinions on politics. This article is more of a moral look on the death of Margaret Thatcher.

It was announced on April 8th that Margaret Thatcher, the ex-Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party, had passed away due to a severe stroke in the Ritz hotel in London. This resulted in a media storm slating the former leader of the country for her reign. And it wasn’t just the press that decided to ‘share’ their opinions on the ‘Iron Lady’… it seemed people of all ages thought it was okay to take to social network sites,  Twitter and Facebook, to air their views on the ex-PM’s demise.

There was a chorus of ‘ding dong the witch is dead’ appearing on the popular sites. This is disgusting. No matter what she may have or may not have done for the country it does not overshadow the fact that a human being has lost their life.

Fair enough, there are those that are ‘older’ and ‘wiser’ amongst us who probably understand what she was like. But there was an even greater number that just jumped onto the media bandwagon to gain Twitter followers and likes on Facebook.

These are the ones that should be ashamed of themselves.

No matter how hated someone is they do not deserve to have their name dragged through the dirt. Yes, celebrate the death of a disgusting paedophile who used his spotlight to victimise young people. Yes, celebrate the execution of a man responsible for thousands of deaths. But don’t celebrate someone who may have done their best for the country. Someone who has a family that are going through a traumatic time enough already to be then lambasted by strangers who are too naïve to understand what they are participating in.

She may have been controversial in her leadership but that was twenty years ago. This is the problem with people, bad decisions made by individuals are remembered over the good ones. Whatever happened to “we’re human, we’re allowed to make mistakes”.

You may ‘hate’ her but don’t we all say we hate people at some time in our lives. It’s a very strong word to be throwing around. We all hated that old woman who wouldn’t give us our ball back when it strayed into their garden or that teacher that gave us homework too often…but would you thrown a street party to rejoice their death? No. I didn’t think so.

Just leave her to rest in peace. She’s done that she’s done and this was dealt with at the time. Don’t just get involved because a hash tag is trending or a friends written a status about it. What happened to that stiff upper lip and backbone we Brits were well known for? Instead we seem to be a nation of sheep that are vying for whatever popularity we get our grubby mitts on so we can be branded as ‘cool’. But what does it mean to be ‘cool’ anymore? If it means joining a hate campaign against someone who can’t defend themselves then count me out. I’d rather be an uncool me than a cool everyone else.

Before you pass on judgement on me. Think about what you’ve done recently because more than likely you’ll have post something like the other sheep and just be annoyed that I don’t think your cool.

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