Goodbye Page 3?

Rupert Murdoch sensationally tweeted about a possible end to The Sun’s famous Page 3 recently.

In response to a tweet aimed at the global chief executive, Murdoch stated: “Page three so last century! You maybe right, don’t know but considering.”

There have been reports in the past that page 3 is on its way out, and massive uproar about the exploitation of women, but does this mean it’s going? Or is page 3 part of the British Institution?

First appearing in 1970, topless models have graced the pages of The Sun for 43 years now, and maybe it is time to modernise and take away these images.

Personally, as a woman, I don’t like opening up a paper to see a giant pair of breasts in my face, alongside a corny comment, which is just cringe-worthy. This pure reason puts me off the paper and would sway me to purchase The Mail. This also begs the question; why not feature half naked men?

The ‘traditional’ sun reader is stereotyped as a working class male, taking the paper down to the building site and wolf whistling at women passing by, but this should be a stereotype that has grown out by now. Not everyone buys a paper to look at Lizzie from Liverpool’s knockers.

Images of semi naked women can be found easily; online and in men’s magazines, do we really need to put these in a family newspaper?

A Facebook petition titled ‘No More Page 3’ has attracted 64,000 signatures, and with the issue fresh in the press again, it is likely to climb.

Harmless or out-dated? You decide.

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