Every street’s a catwalk – The everyday expression of fashion

As a self-proclaimed fashionista, fashion to me is like a drawing to an artist. I believe that an outfit can tell a thousand words, not only about the designer but about the individual who bares it. Walking down the street, every outfit has a different story to tell, expressing an untold revelation about each person’s identity. It is this catwalk of life that adds an air of uniqueness to the definition of fashion. Therefore, fashion can only be defined by the individual. There is not just one sole meaning to the term. In fact, there are thousands of meanings and each one is just as exclusive as the next.

Okay, so why is fashion so important to me? To put it simply – it always has been. Ever since childhood, fashion has grown with me. From dressing up in my mother’s clothes at the age of five, to choosing what outfit I was going to wear at the age of seven, I was a little (and debatably bossy) fashionista in the making. Admittedly, reminiscing on past outfit choices has proven to be a cringe worthy experience, sparking questions such as ‘what was I thinking?’ and ‘why did I think that looked good?’ Yes, we’ve all been there. But I suppose as fashion trends change, so do my opinions. And that’s what I love about fashion. It’s continuously changing, growing and developing. Of course, there is the exception of timeless fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, whose contributions will always play a part in the fashion industry. But as far as current trends go, I always find myself excited when next season’s lines are revealed. I just have to be up to date in the fashion loop; otherwise I experience the dreaded ‘fomo’ (fear of missing out).

Although others (particularly my mother) would disagree, I do actually have a healthy addiction to clothes shopping. I mean, a spot of retail therapy never harmed anyone, right? Occasionally, my bank balance tends to dispute this but in the words of Carrie Bradshaw herself: ‘I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet’. Okay, so maybe I’m still waiting for my own Carrie-inspired walk-in wardrobe. But once I acheive my aspiration of becoming a fashion writer for a glossy magazine, the prospect of a walk-in wardrobe will be much more attainable.

As cliché as it may sound, fashion really does play a major role in my life. Choosing what I’m going to wear each day has become almost like a ritual – one that allows me to express my mood and my personality without the use of words. Fashion will continue to impinge upon my life. It will follow and grow with me because it has become a part of me. So, in the way that designers showcase their collections on the catwalk, I express my style on the streets – because every street’s a catwalk.

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