Margaret Thatcher – She Who Knows Everything Knows Nothing?

News Flash: Ding dong the witch is dead? Whatever you may think of Margaret Thatcher, no one deserves that, after all she wasn’t just the Prime Minister; she was a wife, mother and grandmother and they will be feeling very lost and empty now that she has departed to the other side. I’m sure you will all have you own views on which side that should be! She was tough, opinionated, wore the trousers and once she made her mind up had no intention of changing it, no matter how detrimental the outcome. My problem with the passing of ‘The Iron Lady’ isn’t the past, it’s the present, and the £10,000,000 we tax payers have to fork out… is this why we pay our taxes?

This isn’t a small amount by any means and I’m really offended that it’s being spent in this fashion when the people of this country are finding it hard to feed their kids and themselves, some of whom work full time by the way and aren’t living off the state. Would Maggie have agreed to this? She believed that everyone should work, child benefit was cut giving women no choice but to go back to work early giving other’s those precious moments with their babies… stolen moments have a new meaning.

There are more women in the work place now than ever and they are being taxed for her funeral? The woman who set the president for the high heel brigade to clonk their heels into the boardroom is now the reason they have to give up their hard earned for her send off? If this isn’t a contradiction I don’t know what is! The 80’s saw a wave of women that grew a bigger pair than the men… no wonder relationships have got confused, wearing the trousers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and Maggie’s stern un-feminine manner has a lot to do with this. Thank goodness for Joan Collins who in the 80’s did business but worked it like a lady; like a ‘woman’!

At the end of the day Margaret Thatcher was no Ghandi or Mother Theresa. Compassion wasn’t her strong point and I have only found one charity that she supported; The Raisa Gorbachev Cancer Foundation which was set up by Mikhail Gorbachev after his wife died of the disease… in Russia. She was also an advocate of the now shambolic charitable work done by Jimmy Saville… was she the only one at the top who didn’t know that this was all a guise for his perpetual abuse of the most vulnerable people in our society? I hope so.

Many are of the belief that she was an amazing forthright leader and others will remember her for the Poll Tax and being a milk thief! The thing that I will remember her for is her inability to connect with her public in a way a feeling woman would find easy. I know she was a politician first a woman second and feelings don’t come into it when you are in government as has been proved by many; rule with your head not your heart. Compassion wasn’t the fashion and in her own words. “There is no such thing as society”. I beg to differ…society is all there is and if you can’t be social you’re in the wrong job.

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